Western Chuckwagon Association



      Grande Prairie Stompede, May 30-June 3, 2018, Wed-Sunday





Cole Withers


Cole was born Nov. 18th 1986, making him the youngest driver on the WCA tour in 2009. He attended college to become a land agent.  When not attending school he maked a living as a bedtruck driver for Hitch'em Oilfield Hauling.  Cole would like to thank Kirk and Mitch Sutherland for the help along the way, as well as sub sponsors Jordan Menzies with Royal LePage, Longview Meats and Visa Truck Rentals.  One of three rookies in 2009 made for some good racing and we were happy to have Cole on our tour. In 2010, Cole was unable to return to the racing circuit due to other committments. We hope to see Cole racing again one day.