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Ryan McAleney

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Ryan comes into the WCA this 2013 season as a 3rd year driver.  He started his chuckwagon career as an outrider for the WPCA where he won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2007.  In his first show in 2010 at the Grande Prairie Stompede, he had the opportunity to race against - and beat - not only his dad Bruce, but his grandpa Brian Lewis as well.  When the final standings were posted for the 2011 season, Ryan saw himself at the tenth spot. He is a committed member of the club and very much enjoys the chuckwagon circuit. Ryan has great aspirations and a strong desire to achieve. He is constantly learning, challenging himself and improving. He is an easy going personable guy and offers a welcoming camp. He travels with his girlfriend Lacey Stark as his helper. He has strong family support in the club and a very big fan base at all shows. He lives in the Sexsmith area where he runs Shamrock Farrier Services. The youthful exuberance he brings to the club rubs off on all of the young drivers and sometimes even the seasoned ones. We look forward to watching Ryan achieve in 2013.


 Ryan has the distinction of being the youngest member of the ONLY 3 generations heat in WCA history. Son, Ryan McAleney, father, Bruce McAleney, and grandfather, Brian Lewis. It's something special he can hang on to forever.

History of WCA Season Standings


2010-17th Place

2011-10th Place

2012-16th Place

2013-15th Place