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      Dawson Creek Exhibition & Rodeo, Aug 9-13, Wed-Sunday





Wrap Up Dawson Creek 2017

Dawson Creek Fall Fair & Exhibition

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This is the last show on our season tour. It boasts being "The Greatest Show in the Peace" and it truly is one of a kind. Not only is it the most comprehensive, unique show on the tour, it is also one of the biggest. There is a huge variety of exhibits and they are outstanding. There are all types of animals.  There is so much to see and do that this is the one "Must Do' event Peace Country. Click on the poster for complete information, prices etc on this exciting event.

At this show, the 2017 Tour Champion will be presented with the GMC Trophy Truck. The winner will be the driver that has placed top spot in the Season Standings. Points are calculated all the way up to and including Saturday night races. Truck will be presented on Sunday by sponsors Visa Rentals, Sales & Leasing AND Ken Sargent GMC

Also happening Sunday....

$7500 DCEA Dash for Cash

 15 drivers will be competing for 4 days to accumulate the fastest total time. The top 4 drivers in the aggregate will be given a chance to cross the finish line first in the final heat and take home the honey pot. Consolation heats with be $500 dash also. It's a win no matter where you place!

Evening performance starts nightly at 5:00 with the Wagon action following around 5:30, Wed through Sun, Aug 9-13.

We need our fans. The more you cheer, the faster they run, so grab your quarters and come on down.

There is more!

Track announcer, Dennis Hall and a number of wagon drivers will be participating in the Exceptional Rodeo on Thursday. There's room in the grandstands, so come on down and watch the entertainment. Everyone welcome.

and more....

Listen for us in the parade on Friday morning

and more....

Come on down to the Pancake Breakfast at the Co-op on Saturday from 8-11 A.M. to listen to the music of Night Sounds (Dennis Hall, Angus McDonald, &  Phil Stefanyk) while you enjoy your pancake breakfast.

and more...

 Following the music, right at 11:00 A.M., follow Track Announcer, Dennis Hall right into the Co-op Grocery Store at to cheer your favorite WCA driver team down the aisles collecting groceries in the Encana sponsored Race Against Hunger. This year, WCA will be represented by the Aebly Aisle Assasins AND Rilee's Renegades!  Some tough competition. The more you help, the more they fill and the more mouths you feed! It's a win win so everbody come on down and do your part!


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Once again  a very big thank you to

Jo Kimble & Dales Sales for the photos!

Day 5

We have a new Dash Champion.

Day 5 Todd McCracken Dash Copy

It was his first ever Dash For Cash and he won!

Congratulations Todd.

Day 5 Todd McCracken Copy

He ran hard all week. It was exciting around the McCracken camp when the Aggregate Totals were posted after Day 4 and they found out made the final heat dash. The work involved to produce a winning team is tremendous and a group effort. Todd has some fabulous barn hands and they were all thrilled.

Day 5 Todd Homestretch Copy

It was a heck of a race all the way around the track. Fans were screaming at the top of their lungs.  WCA members were screaming at the top of their lungs. When he crossed the finish line, the applause was deafening. Great run Todd.

Day 4

Day 5 Eric Rever Truck Copy

We have a new champion! Today was the final day of point and Eric Rever will leave Dawson Creek with a brand new GMC Trophy Truck . On Sunday, after the races Eric will be crowned 2017 GMC Pro Tour Champion and presented with the trophy truck by representatives of Ken Sargent GMC and Visa Rentals, Sales & Leasing, both huge WCA supporters from Grande Prairie, AB. Congratulations Eric.

Day 5 GMC Trophy Truck Copy  

GMC Pro Tour Trophy Truck won by Eric Rever.  

Day 3

Day 3 DCEA Parade 2017 Copy

Track Announcer, Dennis Hall once again entertained thousands in the biggest Dawson Creek parade ever and...

Day 3 DCEA Parade 2nd spot ribbon Copy

We won a ribbon! 2nd place for music on a float! Thanks Emma Kimble for showing it off for us.

 Day 2

Another smooth day of racing for the WCA. It was an on time start and everything went well 

 Day 2 Roy Copy

Roy Romanow (Integrity Industries North) took off like a flash at the horn.

Day 2 Brian Lewis Copy

right along with Brian Lewis (Golden Base Contracting)

Day 2 Brian Mayan Copy

Right behind them was Brian Mayan (Platinum North Resources)

Day 2 Roy Romanow Copy

It was a race for the front spot around the track for Roy and Brian Lewis, but in the end, it was Roy's team that toook top time in his heat! He crossed the line with a time of 1:19.89. Nice run Roy. it was a well run heat.

Day 2 Don Federuik Copy

 However things did not go so well for Heat 2. 

Don Federuik (Enbridge) takes his practice turn in Heat 2

Day 2 doug Green Copy

Along with Doug Green (Hills Vac Services) and...

Day 2 Erik Tremblay Copy

Erik Tremblay (Western Star & Freightliner) and...

Day 2 Rick FraserA Copy

a change up... WPCA Champion, Rick Fraser standing in for Rilee Letendre.

Day 2 Heat 2A Copy

Let's see what Rick can get that team to do. The horn goes and they take off.

Day 2 Heat 2 Copy

Penalties right off the start for Doug Green as well as some trouble for Don Federuik holds up Doug heading to the track.  Although he had a good start, some trouble for Erik Tremblay in the first corner cost Don and Doug precious time, but it ws clear sailing for Rilee Letendre's hook. Letendre's rig crossed the linefirst and took a time of 1:18.49, which landed her in 4th place overall for the night. Excellent run Rick!

Day 2 Doug Green Copy

Doug Green recovered his lost time nicely and pulled in right behind Rilee's rig with a time of 1:19.47.

Heat 3 was very well run and produced 1/2 of the top times of the night!

 Day 2 kelly Somerville Copy

Heat 3 had Kelly Somerville (Road Runner Safety Solutions)

Day 2 Ron bolin Copy

Ron Bolin (Northern Mat & Bridge)

DAy 2 Derek Aebly Barrel Turn Copy

Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling)

Day 2 Todd Barrel Turn Copy

and Todd McCracken (Lindberg Construction)

Kelly and Ron were first to the track when the horn went...

Day 2 Derek Aebly Copy

followed by Derek Aebly ...

Day 2 Todd McCracken Copy

and Todd McCracken

 Day 2 Ron Bolin Top Time Day 2 DCEA Copy

It was a very well run race.  They all pushed their horses hard . In the end, it was Ron Bolin (Northern Mat & Bridge) that stopped the clock first, taking top time for the night with a 1:17.12

Day 2 Kelly Somerville 3rd Spot Day 2 DCEA Copy

2nd to stop that clock was Kelly Somerville (Road Runner Safety Solutions), with a time of 1:17.88, just slightly behind Ron Bolin. 

Day 1

Day 1 Eric Rever Copy

 Top time of the night, once again goes to Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Tranport). Looks like a good chance he will be heading home to Manning in a brand new GMC Trophy Truck. Eric's time was 1:16.11 

Rick McRorie Copy

2nd Place goes to Rick McRorie (Rock Solid Group of Companies) with a 1:17.89. It was a rock solid start for Rick and a great finish

Day 1 Ron Bolin helper Copy

Rounding out the top 3 for the night was Ron Bolin (Northern Mat & Bridge)

Day 1 Ron Bolin Copy

 Ron took a time of 1:18.41

Day 1 Corey Black Brian Copy

Brian Mayan (Platinum North Resources) with helper Corey Black, in Heat 1

Day 1 Heat 1 to the track Copy

Horn goes and Heat 1 takes off.

Day 1 Heat 1 A Copy

It's a great start for all.

Day 1 Heat 1 B Copy

It's tight to the track...

Day 1 Heat 1 c Copy

...and all the way around it.

Day 1 Brian Mayan Copy

 Brian Mayan crosses the line first, taking a time of 1:19.23

Day 1 Doug Green Copy

Doug Green (Hills Vac Services) for Heat 2

Day 1 Erik T Copy

Erik Tremblay (Western Star & Frightliner) Heat 2 

Day 1 Rilee Alex Copy

Rilee Letendre (JDA Oilfield Hauling) heads in for Heat 2

Don Federuik Copy

Here comes Don Federuik (Enbridge) and his boys for Heat 2. A real family affair at that barn.

Day 1 Doug Green 2 Copy

It's a tough start for Doug on Day 1

Day 1 Doug Don Copy

Doug crossed the line 2nd in his heat but a couple of penalties cost him dearly. His final time was a 1:21.27

Day 1 Erik Tremblay Copy

It was a good barrel turn for Erik...

 Day 1 Erik T Heat 2 Copy

 He finished 3rd place in his heat but some trouble on the track also cost him and he finished the night in the bottom hole.

Day 1 Rilee L Copy

...and had an excellent run. She finished 4th overall for the day with a 1:18.49. Rilee is shaping up to be some serious competition. Watch out guys!

Don Federuik 3 Copy

Nice run for Don, who finished 6th overall with a time of 1:19.17.

Heat 2 Copy

Heat 2 was a well run race overall.

Day 1 Derek A Copy

Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling) in Heat 3

Somerville event Copy

Another family gathering here. It's the Somervilles! Generations of chuckwagon and chariot drivers in the box! Kelly heads to the track for Heat 3

Todd McCracken Copy

Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services) heads to barrel 2 in Heat 3 with holder and sponsor Tracy Coulter. Now, that's a sponsor most drivers would love to have. He takes a tarp, holds and helps in the race and even shovels you know what out of the barn. A real keeper. Todd's lucky to have him and in fact, he's a great asset to the club in general.

Day 1 Todd McCracken Copy 

Todd also ran a great race, finished his heat in 2nd spot and placed 6th overall.

Kelly Copy

Kelly Somerville (Road Runner Safety) has had an excellent year over all. He's maintianed his place in the top 3rd of the standings all season even with the extra work that comes with having 2 hooks.

Day 1 Corey Black Not Happy Copy

It was a good day overall and most enjoyed themselves! No so sure about Corey Black though. Must be the fact that work is interrupting his racing. Maybe next year Corey. Nice to see you though