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Wrap Up Grimshaw 2017

Starting Friday, August 4 and going through Sunday, August 6

The 61st Annual North Peace Stampede in Grimshaw, AB

North Peace Stampede

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 It's time for another battle in the north. Friday, August 4 is the start of the last portion of the WCA's 2017 GMC Pro Tour.  Time is running out for drivers to climb the standings for a chance to take home the GMC Trophy Truck and the 2017 Tour Champion title.  Wagon drivers will be doing their best to compete penalty free while placing at the top. Every point counts and a No Time could sink you. With a No Time comes no Day Points and worse yet, no Aggregate Points. Now is not the time to make mistakes.

These drivers will be also be racing for the MSS Trucking $1000 cash prize. The driver with the fastest total time for the show will be the winner.

MSS Trucking

A very big thank you to MSS Trucking and Marvin Sheehan for supporting the chuckwagon wagon portion of the North Peace Stampede. These long time sponsors are vital part of bringing quality entertainment to many communities in the Peace Region and we appreciate it. Click on his logo to learn more about MSS Trucking

 And there is more....

 This is also the last show for our Chariot Drivers. Here it be decided who will take the title of GMC's 2017 Chariot Champion. Leading the standings going into this show is Todd McCracken. He only had a 4 point lead from the second spot driver.  With some luck and clean running, Todd could be showing off a brand new Trophy Buckle, But, a mistake or a little bad luck could really shake things up. Putting the pressure on Todd , in 2nd spot, is Bryce Somerville. Bryce has raced hard all season. He has his eye on that prize and wants the bragging rights and title that goes along with it.  

 5 heat of chuckwagons and a heat of chariots for 6 heats in total. 

Show opens  at 6:30 nightly with mini chuckwagons!

You don't want to miss them.

There's even a midway so come on down and enjoy the show.

Don't forget your quarters!

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Day 3

Photos coming

Day 2

Photos coming

Day 1

All photos courtesy of Jo Kimble. Great job. Thank you Jo !

Day 1 at the North Peace Stampede went very well. the show opened with the mini chucks which are always a hit with everyone.

Day 1 Minis Copy

There were wagon, drivers, and teams of all sizes!

Day 1 Deken Oilfield Transport Minis Copy

And even the sponsor tarps can be found in an extra small! Thank you Derril & Phyllis from Deken Oilfield Transport for your support in everything chuckwagon!

Day 1 Fraser Aebly RT Rentals Minis Copy

 Fraser Aebly performed admirably in his RT Rentals 4 horse team.  He's a pretty versatile guy. Once he was done racing...

Day 1 Fraser Aebly Copy

....he headed out to the infield to set barrels. Thanks Fraser!

Day 1 Bryce Alex Copy

Following the minis, our chariot drivers ran. Bryce Somerville, (Grumpy's Liqour Hut) currently sitting in 2nd place, hits the track with helper, Alex MacLean.

Day 1 Brad Demmings Copy

Taking a opportunity to race this show is Brad Demmings (Integrity Inustries North).

Day 1 Todd McCracken Copy

Currently sitting in top spot going in to our final show for the chariot drivers, is Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services). Todd ran a mean race and once again, took 1st place for the night. He is a busy man too. Right off that chariot....

Day 1 Todd Tracy Copy

...and into a wagon. Good thing he has a sponsor that's so involved! Tracy Coulter from Silvertip Oilfield Services takes charge!

 Day 1 Brian Mayan to the track Copy

New to the WCA this show is Brian Mayan (Platinum North Resources). After a beak from racing for 5+ years, he's back in the wagon box. All went well on his first run.

 Day 1 Brian Mayan crosses line first 2 Copy

He gave Ron Bolin (Advantage North) some serious competition and crossed the line first with a big smile. Nice run Brian.

 Day 1 Eric Rever charged out of the barrel Copy

Taking top time for the night was Eric Rever (Whillans Contracting). As usual for Eric this year, it was a lightning start when that horn blew and he charged to the track well ahead of everyone else.

Day 1 Eric Reverl top time of the night Copy

 He ran fast, clean and stopped the watch at 1:02.75. Eric also currently has a strong 1st place lead in the Season Standings.

Day 1 Ricks barrel turn Copy

Right behind Eric in the placing for the night was Rick McRorie (ProTorque Connection Technologies). It was a great barrel turn...

Day 1 Rick McRorie Great Start Copy

 and a strong start overall to the track.

Day 1 Rick McRorie 2nd place finish Copy

Rick's 2nd place time was a 1:03.47 and he is a happy man.

Day 1 Derek Aebly wins his heat Copy

Rounding out the top 3 drivers on Day 1 is Grande Prairie Champion, Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling). Derek's finished with a 1:04.41. It's about paying attention to where the competition is!


 Day 1 Dennis Give aways Copy

During the harrow breaks, Track Announcer Dennis Hall shares some very nice prizes donated by Kim & jarvis Dawson from JDA Oilfield Hauling. It is quite something what someone will do to win a prize!

 Day 1 Rilee Brad Girl power Copy

Brad Demmings is a busy man too. After his chariot race, it's back to the track to hold/help  Rilee Letendre (JDA Oilfield Hauling)

Day 1 Rilee takes the race Copy

And with his help and her skill, she crosses the line first taking 5th overalll with a 1:05.05. Nice run Rilee.

Day 1 Roy has company Copy

And Roy Romanow has found a very, very enthusiastic helper!

So at the end of Day 1, it appears it was good racing with fans, drivers and helpers all having a lot of fun and enjoying the show.