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Wrap Up Manning 2017

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Thursday-Saturday, July 20-22

Once again it's time for the Battle in the North at the Manning Rodeo

 5 heats of wagons. 15 wagon drivers. 3 chariot drivers. All fighting to claim the title of 2016 Manning Rodeo Aggregate Champion. Winners will be determined Saturday night after each driver has had a turn around each barrel. The wagon driver with the best aggregate time wins the bragging rights and the buckle. 

For Chariot Drivers, there is a cash prize for the top in the Aggregate!  

Herb Simpson

A very big thank you to the Simpson family (Herb Myrna, Aldin and Tracy) for their generosity. Once again, we are so very fortunate to have supporters like this! We appreciate you.   

 Also new this year, there will be mini chucks! A number of young, aspiring wagon drivers will show off what they can do with a chuckwagon team now!

The rodeo kicks off Thursday, July 20 with a WCA/Manning Rodeo hosted Meet & Greet BBQ at the Freson IGA parking lot from 11-1:30. The WCA has a stong membership base from the Manning area, so come on down, say hi and enjoy lunch on us. Track announcer, Dennis Hall, along with Manning businessman, Rob Bruin will be on hand again providing a little musical entertainment.  Take some time to visit with the drivers, pick your favorite and cheer him on at the races that night.

Keep an eye out for us in the parade as well.  

Wagons race nightly at 6:30 Thurs, July 20 through Sat, July 22. No wagon races on Sunday.

Click on the logo below for more on schedules and event details and find them on Facebook for current information. 

2-br manning rodeo logo 

Barrel Draw posted now. Click Here

Day 3

We have a new Manning Rodeo champion.

Day 3 Eric Rever Manning 2017 Aggregate Champion Copy

Eric Rever (Whillans Contracting) takes the trophy buckle with an aggregate time 3:05.76, 5 seconds faster than his closest competition. Presenting the buckle to Eric was Manning Rodeo representative, Georgina Whillans and Miss Manning Rodeo 2016, Adrianna Somerville.  

Day 3 Eric Rever Race to the Win Manning Copy

Eric ran hard and barreled even better. He now has a 41 point lead in the Standings to take the tour champion Trophy Truck but with 7 more days of racing still, anything can happen. He'll have to be on his game with few, if any, mistakes.  

Day 3 Todd McCracken Manning 2017 Chariot Aggregate Champion Copy

We also have a new Manning Rodeo Chariot Champion. Todd McCracken lead the race for the entire show. He finished with a significant lead and won the purse. Presenting to Todd is Shawna Simpson and Miss Manning Rodeo 2016, Adrianna Somrville, along with Georgina Whillans, Manning Rodeo rep.

Day 3 Todd McCracken Race to the Win Copy

Day 2

The WCA would like to extend a very sincere "Thank You!" to Robbie Bruin, Todd McCracken ( Silvertip Oilfield) Racing Team and Roy Romanow (Integrity Industries North) Racing Team for all the give aways. It has become quite a show watching the Announcer tease and entice fans to do silly things to win a prize. It's always a big hit with the crowd.

Headline News!

Three High Profile WCA members arrested!

Apparently it started out with a complaint that a chuckwagon was observed speeding in an unsafe manner. 3 occupants reported in wagon. One occupant alleged to be drinking. Police investigated and determined Vice President, Lane Kimble was the wagon driver involved, Track Announcer, Dennis Hall was the occupant with open liquor and Manning Show Director, Todd McCracken was the other involved party....

Day 2 Todd Arrested Copy 

First to be located and arrested was Todd McCracken, who was charged with threatening a Peace Officer with a pitchfork!

Day 2 Dennis Arrested Copy  

Follwing McCracken's arrest, Dennis Hall was promptly handcuffed and advised of his rights. Hall was charged with drinking Sambuca in a chuckwagon!

Day 2 Dennis Begging after Arrest Copy

and despite his grovelling and fingerpointing others to be a fault, there was no sympathy. Hall was placed in the back of the Officer's vehicle

Day 2 Lane Arrested Copy

Kimble contacted to attend the trailer to deal with an unknown problem and upon arrival was also subsequently arrested and charged with speeding in a chuckwagon.  Kimble was ucooperative and unsuccessfully attempted to remove his handcuffs.

Day 2 All Arrested Copy

After a brief struggle, Kimble was subdued and all stood nicely for their mugshot, then were transported to cells where bail was set at $200 each. After some extensive whining to family, friends, sponsor, judges and other wagon drivers, bail was secured by all and they were released.

President Dean Dreger, says he's ashamed of how his members conducted themselves in his absence, paid portion of the bail himself, stating the show must go on. Dreger also advised an internal investigation will be conducted and all involved will be dealt with harshly.

It was noted that one judge refused to pitch in for bail, stating it was only a matter of time Dennis' love for Sambuca would get him in trouble.

However, at this time, Manning Victim Services and Manning Animal Welfare group are very happy with the WCA member involvement and their donation to a great cause.

Good Job Guys. !!!

Day 1

Day 1 The Great Cookoff Day 1 manning Copy

Drivers got together and cooked up some great hamburgers and hot dogs with out setting things on fire this year at the kick off BBQ. They worked hard....

Day 1 DSC00738 Copy

...until they thought we weren't looking!

Day 1 Cookoff 2 Manning 2017 Copy

Second shift of members's doing the community service!

Day 1 Dennis Rob manning 2017 Copy

And as usual, Dennis Hall & Rob Bruin entertained the crowd.

Day 1 Grandstands Copy

The grandstands started filling up early this year in anticipation of the mini chuckwagon show. Check out the race video to take a peek at a few of the mini races. 

Day 1 Fans Copy 

There were give aways.

Day 1 Kyla Les Copy

Everyone was happy.

Day 1 Wayne Jack Copy

Everyone pitched in to make things go smooth. Jack Bolin & Wayne Benn jump in to help Shawna Simpson and her crew to set barrels and mark lines

Day 1 cole Somerville Copy

There were faces we had not seen all year. Cole Somerville back from the WPCA joins the WCA at Manning.

Day 1 Heat 2 Copy

 The races went well.

Day 1 Eri Rever 1st Copy

Pushing hard to stay on top in the standings is Eric Rever (Whillans Contracting). Once again, a phenomonal barrel turn for Eric put him on the track first. He stopped the clock at 1:02.98, taking 1st place for the night and giving him a 23 point lead in the standings.

Day 1 Lane Kimble 2nd Copy

 Keeping the pressure on Eric is recent TP Creek Stampede Aggregate Champion, Lane Kimble (AECOM). On this night Lane took 2nd with a time of 1:03.83

Day 1 Ron Bolin 3rd Copy

Rounding out the top three winners for the night was veteran driver, Ron Bolin (Smash & Sons Contracting). Ron's final time was a 1:04.30.

Day 1 Bryce Somerville Copy 

 Sitting 2nd for the night and in the Chariot Standings by 1 point is Bryce Somerville (Grumpy's Liquor Hut) 

Day 1 Brad Demmings Copy

Brad Demmings grabbed a rare opportunity to jump on a cart and race for the Manning show.