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      Grande Prairie Stompede, May 30-June 3, 2018, Wed-Sunday





Wrap Up Teepee Creek 2017

The Teepee Creek Stampede 

Next stop on the GMC Pro Tour is the TP Creek Stampede and it's about to get wild.  4 full days of Wild! 2017 marks 101 years of stampeding at Teepee Creek.  This is one show you can't miss. If you have family or friends visiting, bring them out to experience real western heritage.

Everything kicks off Thursday, July 13. Check out a schedule by clicking on the logo.

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You want to watch wagons? Here there are wagons! Lots of wagons! Wagons of all sizes with drivers of all sizes. 

There is a GMC Trophy Truck up for grabs!

TP Trophy Truck 2017 Copy

Driver have been training for this event all season. There is pressure. A lot of pressure16 Wagon Drivers will need to be at their best for this show. The prizes are immense. One driver, the one who it at the absolute top of his game at this show, the one who does it all right, no mistakes, will be presented with the keys to a brand new GMC Trophy Truck from Visa Rentals Sales & Leasing & the Teepee Creek Stampede.

That is not all. There is more and it's big...

$10,0000 Dash Sunday 

Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation, along with Teepee Creek Stampede brings you Dash Sunday. Every heat is dash BUT every driver wants to place in that final heat for the big money. How do they get there? They run hard and fast and make no mistakes.  After 3 days of racing, the top 3 drivers, the 3 with the fastest accumulated times get their chance. For the rest of the drivers, the closer are to the final heat, the bigger the prize. Every heat is a dash

Very big thank you to Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation for all their efforts throughout the year fundraising to keep this excing part of our western heritage alive and accessable to local venues for your entertainment. It's a difficult job with a tremendous amount of work involved but they are a dedicated group and we appreciate all they do. Click on the logo above to learn more about them. 

And there is more...

For our chariot drivers, this is the show of the season and the pressure is on here too. It's the first Aggregate Champion Trophy Buckle presentation of the season.

This is always one absolutely incredible show.   

 Grab your quarters and come on down. It's time to Exprience the Thunder of the WCA!

Wagon action kicks offs nightly at 6:30.

Race Results for TP posted. Find under side menu or click here

Race video for TP posted. Find it under side menu or click here

Again, big thank you to Jo Kimble and Dale Sale for the photos.

Dash Sunday

Unfortunately due to rain, in the interest of the safety of horses and drivers, the races were cancelled. We extend a sincere thank you to the Teepee Creek Stampede Committee for all their efforts in trying to fix the track so the races could go on. We also want to recognize the huge amount of effort put into securing a Dash of this calibre for the WCA by the Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation. We do appreciate it and it is very unfortunate we were unable to race.

Day 3

TP Creek 2017 Aggregate Champion Lane Kimble Copy

We have a new Teepee Creek Stampede Aggregate Champion.

Lane Kimble takes it with his Mighty Peace Harley Davidson hook for the 2nd year in a row. Lane will be presented with the keys to the Trophy Truck Sunday night after the Dash. On hand to turn over the keys is sponsor,  Darrin Charles for Visa Sales, Rentals & Leasing.


Qualifying for the final heat in Dash Sunday is

Lane Kimble (Mighty Peace Harley Davidson)

Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport)

Rick McRorie (Shadow Rathole Drilling) 

More Day 3 photos coming soon.

Day 2

Day 2 Grandstands Copy

Races went a little smoother on our 2nd night of racing. Some bugs sorted out. Grandstands were full and all appeared to be having fun.

Day 1 Water Truck Copy

Big water truck with big tires was all over keeping the track dust free as best as possible. Thank you Advantage North for this.

Day 2 Dust was flying Copy

Erik Tremblay was on hand to offer some sound advice!

Day 2 Eric Rever Top In Aggregete on Day 2 TP Copy

Top time for the night goes to Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport) with a 57.11. Eric is also top in the Aggregate and ha a great chance to take the GMC TP Trophy Truck home. He has never won the TP truck before

Day 2 Lane Kimble 2nd Place Aggregate on Day 2 TP 2017 Copy

Giving Eric some strong competition for that truck is last year's TP Champion, Lane Kimble with his Mighty Peace Harley Davidson hook. Lane Kimble finished 2nd with a 57.46 and is second in the aggregate as well. Mighty Peace was right. There's power in those flames!

Day 2 Dean Dreger 3rd in Aggregate on Day 2 Copy

Rounding out the top 3 in the aggregate is Dean Dreger (Northern Mat & Bridge). Dean placed 4th on Day 2 with a 58.96. Dean has taken home the TP truck before and he wants it again.

Day 2 3rd place rick McRorie Copy

3rd place for the night goes to Rick McRorie (Shadow Rathole Drilling)

Day 2 Heat 5 to the track Copy

Rick challenged show leader, Les Rever and crossed the finish line one full second ahead, taking a time of 57.47

Day 2 rick Happy Copy

He was pretty happy with that clean run. Good race Rick.

Day 2 Heat 2 Copy

Heat 2 to the track and ...

Day 2 Heat 2B Copy

... in the backstretch and...

 Day 2 Blaid Flad takes first in Heat 2 Copy

...Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions) is first to cross the line in the heat.

 Day 2 Bryce Somerville Copy

Bryce Somerville (Grumpy's Liquor Hut)

Day 2 Keygan Havener 2 Copy

As usual, Keygan Havener (Lindberg Construction) joins the WCA in Teepee Creek to race a chariot and help out some of the drivers at this busy show. Work and family committments prevent him from racing full time over the summer.

Day 2 doug Green Copy

A slow start in the infield put Doug Green (Hills Vac & Steam) in 2nd spot in his heat. Doug clocked a runtime of 59.01 which was 5th overall for the night.  

Day 2 Heat 3 Copy

Heat 3 win goes to ...

Day 2 Heat 2 Brian Lewis Winner Copy

Brian Lewis (Golden Base Contracting) with a time of 1:02.57.

You still have it Brian!

Day 2 heat 4 Copy

And who takes Heat 4...

Day 2 Todd McCracken Copy

It's Todd McCracken in his Silvertip Oilfield hook. It's a tough job and a lot of work to run 2 wagons or a wagon and a chariot but Todd manages to get the job done well. He finished first in his heat with a time that broke the one minute mark, a 59.45

Day 2 Don Federuik Copy

Following Todd, in 2nd spot for the heat was

 Don Federuik (Grande Prairie Airport)

 Day 2 roy romanow 2nd Heat 2 Copy

Roy Romanow (Integrity Industries North) having a good show.

Day 2 Lanes Holder Copy

Lane's holder Kelsy, is also Rilee Letendre's sister and Brian Lewis' niece, and Ryan McAleney's relative. It's a family affair here at the WCA for many of the members.

Day 2 Up and coming chariot Driver Copy

A sneak peak at a up and coming chariot driver! Tuff Dreger grabs the reins.  

Day 1

Day 1 Les REver Copy

Taking top spot on Day 1 once again, was Les Rever (Attack Oilfield) Les stopped the clock at 56.19. What a great run and it's been a great seson for Les so far.

Day 1 Lane Kimble 2nd Place Ron Bolin 3rd Place Day 1 TP Copy 

Ron Bolin (Smash & Sons Contracting) and Lane Kimble (Mighty Peace Harley Davidson) neck in neck all the way around and at the last second, Lane Kimble 1 takes the lead and 2nd place for the night with a time of 56.44. Ron followed with a time of 56.51 for 3rd spot on Day 1 at Tp Creek.

Day 1jack Bolin Copy

Jack Bolin arguing with Ron's horses. Looks like the horse is winning.

Day 1 Andy Aebly Copy

Mini chuckwagon driver, Andy out by the track cheering on her favourite driver. Guess who?

Day 1 Derek AEbly Copy

Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling)

Day 1 Technology Everywhere Copy

You can find technology everywhere!

Day 1 blaid flad A Copy

He's back! but only for one show.

Day 1 Blaid Flad Copy

   Blaid Flad (compass Access Solutions) joins the WCA to race at TP. Blaid left the club earlier this year to join the WPCA circuit.

Day 1 Bryce Somerville Copy

Bryce Somerville (Grumpy's Liquor Hut) currently sitting top in the Standings but is being threatened by

Day 1 Todd McCracken Chariot Copy

Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services). The point spread is shrinking daily.

Day 1 Tyler Copy

Also complicating things for Bryce is last year's Chariot Champion Tyler Robinson, who is back on the Tour

Day 1 Tyler 2 Copy

Tyler took top time on Day 1 with a 56.22 in his Underground Enterprises hook from the Dreger barn.

Day 1 Like threading a needle Copy

Here's Todd again, this time in his Silvertip Oilfield wagon outfit. It was like threading a needle for Todd to get to the track and he did a remarkable job.

Day 1 Don Todd Copy

 He gave Don Federuik (Grande Prairie Airport) some serious competition and crossed the line first, breaking the one minute mark with a 59.94

 Day 1 Fans Copy

Stands were quite full for a Thursday night. Everyone was having a great time enjoying the wagon races.

Day 1 Dean Dreger blur Copy 

Many drivers broke the one minute mark. Some of the heats were so fast, it was a blur to watch!

 Day 1 Lance Lewis Copy

There were also some familiar faces from the past back in the wagon box too! Lance Lewis showed up to help father, Brian out. It's been a while since Lance has been in the wagon box.

Day 1 rilee Copy

And guess who we spotted in Rilee Letendre's wagon after her race

 Day 1 Ryan McAleney Copy

Ryan McAleney! Nice to see you Ryan. We miss you. 

Day 1 Roy Rilee Copy

Taking first in his heat on Day 1 was Roy Romanow (Integrity Industires North). Roy had a great race and was a full second ahead of his competition.