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      Grande Prairie Stompede, May 30-June 3, 2018, Wed-Sunday





Wrap Up Rio Grande 2017

 The Rio Grande Canada Day Rodeo.

Rio Grande Rodeo Logo cropped  

It's now 101 years of Ridin' and Racin' in Rio Grande and it's always a good time. There is a lot of western style action going out there. Click on the logo for details or check out their Facebook page. How do you get there? Click here for directions 

There is a $3500 GPCHF Dash on holiday Monday!

 6 Heats of Thoroughbred Wagons-17 wagon drivers all competing for a spot in the final heat of the Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation Dash. Drivers will try their best for 3 days, Friday through Sunday, to accumulate a time fast enough to put them in the final heat.  The 3 drivers with the fastest accumulated race times, the top 3 in the Aggregate will have their shot, on the 4th day of racing, to fill their purse and carry on down the road. 

Every heat is a dash!

All the wagon action starts at 6:30 PM Friday-Sun and on

holiday Monday, GPCHF Dash wagon action kicks off at 2:00 PM

Eveybody, come on down, grab a camping spot and enjoy the races.

The entire crew at the WCA extends a sincere thank you to the Heritage Foundation for their outstanding efforts in supporting this exciting sport. The GPCHF is a dedicated group of locals who have a strong interst in supporting their community and it's history. With a area rooted in a western lifestyle,  an organization like this is important to preserving our heritage. You can learn about the Foundation through their website (click link) or click on logo for more info.  

Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation.

GP Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation Logo-new

We would also like to thank the Rio Grande Committee for all their hard work and consideration. Last year, there was an amazing amount of work done to the grounds and it showed. The track was phenominal. It's a tough job making it right for everyone and there is never enough helping hands. We appreciate your efforts.

For Race Result click here or look on side menu under Race Results, Rio Grande

Race video posted now. Find it under Race Video, Rio Grande or click here

Day 4

$3500 Dash for Cash on Holiday Monday

Rio Grande 2017 GPHF Dash Champion is:

Day 4 Dean Dreger wins the Dash at Rio Grande 2017 Copy

Dean Dreger (Platinum North Resources)

 On hand to present the cheque to Dean is Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Fooundation members, Justin Tidd and Jerry Shaver.

Day 3 Dean Dreger a Copy

A great start for skilled driver, Dean Dreger but...

Day 4 Dean Dregers winning Dash Race at Rio Grande Copy

Clearly the credit for the win needs to go to the superior barn hands Dean has working for him! (At least that's what they would tell you) Dean's time was a 1:04.30. Dean also had the best time of the show. His top time, the time to beat was 1:03.48.

Heat 5 Winner

Day 3 Kelly somerville Copy

Kelly Somerville to the track

Day 3 Kelly somerville Win

Kelly came racing up to take the finish and the purse away from Ron Bolin at the last second. Kelly finished with a 1:05.08 just ahead of Ron, who took a time of 1:05.16

Heat 4 Winner

Day 3 Les REver Copy

To the track

Day 3 Les REver 2 Copy

Les Rever (Attack Oilfield), well ahead of everyone in his heat. Nice run Les!

Heat 3 Winner

Day 3 Rilee Letendre Copy

Rilee Letendre (GPA Airport) is proving to be some serious competition

Day 3 Rilee 2 Copy

Those guys may not have even seen it coming She just smoked them!

Heat 2 Winner

Day 3 Eric Rever Copy

Eric Rever (Wilderness Farms) has a fantastic start.

Day 3 Eric Rever 2 Copy

and a fantastic finish. Eric takes top time for the night with a 1:03.57

Heat 1 Winner

Erik Tremblay & Jenn Trucking

No photo available

Day 3 Derek Aebly Copy

After a little trouble in the infield, Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling) hits the track

Look what happens when your dog wanders into the enemy camp in the WCA barns!

IMG 0532

 Tash, from the Tremblay Racing team, wanders in looking for treats and ended up dressed to the 9's advertising the Todd McCracken Racing team.

IMG 0533

And then of course, there is Shady from the Tremblay Racing team. Shady's favorite driver is Les Rever and she's dressed to let all know it!

Day 3

Rio Grande's newest Aggregate champion is Doug Green (Hills Vac & Steam Services)

Day 3 Doug Green 2 Copy

Qualifying for the final heat on Dash Monday is :

Day 3 Dean Dreger 1 Copy

Dean Dreger (Platinum North Resources)

Day 3 Don Federuik Copy

Don Federuik (Teepee Creek Stampede)

Day 3 Doug Green Copy

Doug Green (Hills Vac & Steam Services)

Day 3 Todd McCracken Copy

Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services-Manning AB)

Todd is also one of the very few drivers to have broken the 1 minute barrier racing on the track at Rio Grande.

Day 3 Rilee Letendre Copy

Rilee Letendre (Grande Prairie Airport) had a lot of family attend the show cheering in the stands.

Day 3 Erik Tremblay Copy

Erik Tremblay (Deep Basin Contracting).

What is that on his face?

 Day 3 Erik Face Copy

Oh, here it is. It's just his morning look after a rough night!

Day 3 Dean and Tuff Copy

A future chuckwagon driver in training. Dean Dreger hands the reins over to son, Tuff Dreger

Day 3 Kelly somerville Copy

There was plenty of bad luck in heat 6 this night. Kelly Somerville (Farms Boys Oilfield) was the only driver in his heat to run penalty free. He finished with a 1:05.53

Day 3 ron bolin Copy

Ron Bolin (Smash & Sons Contracting) takes first in his heat by over a second with a time of 1:05.75 

Day 2

Once again, photos courtesy of Jo Kimble.

Top time of the night and of the show so far goes to Dean Dreger (Platinum North Resources). It seems the stars lined up right for him this night. Skill, co-operative horses, and good luck all at once.  

Day 2 Dean Awesome Barrel Turn a Copy

He lined up perfectly going into his barrel...

Day 2 Dean Breger Awesome Barrel Turn Copy

It was a sharp, fast turn overall and he was off.

Day 2 Dean finish Line Copy

It was so fast that he crossed the finish line about 2 1/2 seconds ahead of his nearest competition. Dean took a time of 1:03.48. This also puts him at the top in the Aggregate after Day 2 as well. Good job Dean 

 Day 2 Lane Kimble Copy

Sitting 2nd spot on Day 2 is Lane Kimble (The Medicine Shoppe). It was a clean run and he took a time of 1:04.89 

Day 2 Don Federuik Barrel A Copy

A  man on a mission, Don Federuik (Teepee Creek Stampede) aims for top spot in the Aggregate and a chance at the big purse in the final heat on Dash Monday. It appears that everyone should stay out of his way!

Day 2 Don Federuik Barrel B Copy

He had a nice barrel turn and hit the track penalty free.

Day 2 Don Federuuik 1st Copy

It was a neck in neck race down the homestretch and Don crossed the line first with a time of 1:05.46 1/2 a second ahead of Rilee Letendre (GP Airport) who finished with a 1:05.82. Don's aggregate times puts in in 2nd place overall in the Aggregate on Day 2. We just might see him in the final heat!

Day 2 Erik Tremblay Copy

Erik Tremblay (Deep Basin Contracting) is first to finish in Heat 3 on Day 2

Day 2 Rick McRorie Copy

A little bad luck for Rick McRorie (Dynamic Energy Group )with uncooperative horses  makes for a tough start but once he got going, he ran hard.

Day 2 ron bolin Copy

And in the same heat as Rick, Ron Bolin (Smash & Sons Contracting) also suffered a little back luck with a knocked barrel. This is not typical for Ron Bolin. Ron has broken the 1 minute barrier 3 recorded times since 2009 with his top time of being a 59.44.

 Day 2 Heat 6 A Copy

Heat 6 on Day 2. 3 teams headed to the rail all at once.

Day 2 Heat 6 Eric Sneaks Up Copy

Kelly Somerville (Farms Boys Oilfield) and Eric Rever (Wilderness Farms) fought for the lead all the way around the track and at the very last second, Eric Rever pulls ahead. Very exciting race. Eric finished with a 1:05.15 and Kelly with a 1:05.20


Many, many thanks to Jo Kimble for these photos!

Day 1 Heat 5 Copy

Heat 5 started out with all drivers tight going into the track...

Ron Bolin takes top spot on Day 1 of Rio Grande Canada Day Rodeo 2017 Copy

...and finished Ron Bolin (Smash & Sons Contracting) crossing the line first, taking top spot for the night. Ron was a full second ahead of 2nd place with a 1:04.55.

Day 1 Derek Aebly Copy

Right behind Ron Bolin was Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling) He didn't cross the finish line first BUT he crossed it penalty free and his time of 105.59 was enough to secure 2nd place after all the dust settled on Day 1. Derek is currently sitting 2nd in the Standings also.

 Day 1 Doug Green 1 Copy

3rd place for the night goes to Doug Green (Hills Vac & Steam Services). He didn't make it to the track first....

Day 1 Doug Green 2 Copy

But that's not always so important. What mattered is that he crossed the finish line first and penalty free. Doug had a great run and took a time of 1:06.34. Doug is currently sitting 6th in the Standings and on his way up.

Day 1 Don Federuik Copy 

All eyes were focused on Don Federuik and his Teepee Creek Stampede (coming up July 13-16) as he crossed the finish line first, beating out Rilee Letendre (GP Airport) and her uncle Brian Lewis ( Lindberg Construction) in Heat 2.

Day 1 Brian Lews Copy

But we can't be too hard on Brian Lewis. After all, he retired... and came back... and retired... and came back... and retired etc... You get the picture? Actually, Brian has been a participant of the Rio Grande rodeo every year for over 40 years. He just couldn't miss out. Brian, we are happy to have you back. Really!

Day 1 Les Rever 1 Copy

There were a lot of barrels knocked on Day 1, but not for Les Rever. It was a clean barrel turn..

Day 1 Les REver 2 Copy

...and a great run. Crossing the line well ahead of his competitors was Les Rever in his Attack Oilfield hook. Les took a time of 1:06.83

Day 1 Roy Copy

Right behind Les was Roy Romanow (Integrity Industires North). Roy has a nice time but a little bad luck with a knocked barrel left him in the dust on Day 1 placings.

Day 1 Erik T Copy

Following Roy was Erik Tremblay with his Deep Basin Contracting hook. Erik had a penalty free run and a time of 1:08.91. At this show Erik is running 2 hooks. it's a lot of work and you have to be INTO wagon race to do it.

Day 1 Todd Copy

Crossing the line 2nd in his heat was Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services). Todd looked great out there and had a nice run. Must be all that work, sponsor Tracy Coulter is putting in shoveling you know what out of the barns all day.

Day 1 Dean Copy

Dean Dreger (Platinum North Resources) takes a nice clean turn around the barrels.

Day 1 Eric Rever Copy 

Eric Rever (Wilderness Farms), currently sitting top in the Standings with a generous lead, has some bad luck with a knocked barrel and it cost him. Eric's running time was 1:03.84 BUT that barrel added on 5 seconds and he finished with a time of 1:08.84.

Day 1 Kelly Somerville 1 Copy

It's a dead give away who this wagon belongs to!

Day 1 Kelly 2 Copy

It's Kelly Somerville!  (Farm Boys Oilfield) Kelly also had a bad night with a knocked barrel.  

Day 1 Rick Frankie Copy

Rick McRorie (Dynamic Energy Group) and helper, girlfriend, Frankie. 

   Day 1 Rilee Copy

Rilee Letendre (GP Airport) has the good luck to be able to run a chuckwagon race against her uncle Brian Lewis. AND visca versa!