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Wrap Up Rycroft 2017

 Deken's Race the 8 at Rycroft

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Wagons, wagons, wagons. Wagons of all sizes with drivers of all sizes too!

If you love chuckwagons, you can't miss "The Greatest Show on Dirt!" hosted by the Deken Transport and the Rycroft Ag Society. Wagons race daily as different times. Don't miss out. Check the event schedule above and follow them on Facebook for more update information.

Wagon action kicks off different times each day.

Don't miss out.  Check the schedule!

18 driver in 6 heats of the big thoroughbreds will be competing for 3 days, Thursday through Saturday for the title of Rycroft 2017 Aggregate Champion. Our champion will be presented with the Danny Dreger Memorial Trophy Buckle by the Dreger family. Our Runner-Up Champion will be presented with the Bert & Leonard Sales Memorial Trophy Buckle .

Sunday is Rycroft Ag Society Dash Day. There is $1000 up for grabs! The 3 drivers with the fastest accumulated times will make the final heat. They will be racing for 1/2 of the total purse- a whopping $500. Consolation heats are $100 each.

There is more....

On a randomly selected day, there will be a randomly selected heat where the driver that has the fastest penalty free time will win $250. We extend our thank you to Derril & Phyllis Skaley from Bremner Creek Farms for this generous sponsorship. Derri and Phyllis Skaley have been longtime chuckwagon supporter and they are appreciated more than it is said.  

and more...

$500 will be awarded to the driver that best demonstrates safety both on and off the track. We also extend a big thank you to Saddle Mountain Farms for recognizing and promoting the importance of safety in horsemanship and wagon racing and for making the effort to reward a deserving driver.    

Come on down and experience the thunder!

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Big thank you to Jo Kimble and Dale Sales for all the photos!

Day 3 of Racing (Sunday)

Day 3Les Rever Danny Dreger Memorial Copy

2017 Deken Race the 8 Aggregate Champion is Les Rever! Les is presented with the Danny Dreger Memorial Trophy Buckle by Thelma and Ellen Dreger, representing the Dreger family.

Day 3 Les Rever Rycroft 2017 Aggregate Champion Copy

Les Rever (Efroc Industries) 2017 Rycroft Aggregate Champion on one of his winning barrel turns at this show.

Day 3 Les Rever A Copy

The second half of that winning barrel turn. Les's aggregate time was almost a full 2 seconds ahead of his nearest competition. Les' aggregate total 3:01.19

Day 3 Dean Dreger Bert Leonard Sales Copy

Right behind Les, taking the title of Deken Race the 8 Runner Up Champion was Dean Dreger (Platinum North Industries). Dean is presented with the Bert & Leonard Sales Memorial Buckle by family member Elaine Garrow. On hand to accept the award with Dean is his support group, Tuff Dreger, Dakota Dreger and Tyler Robinson.  

Day 3 Dean Dreger Runner Up Aggregate Champion Rycroft 2017 Copy

Dean Dreger (Platinum North Industries) had an aggregate time 3:03.36, just a hair ahead of 3rd place winner..

Day 3 Heat 4 Rycroft 2017 Copy

Lane Kimble (Farm Boys Oilfield). Lane's aggregate time was a 3.03.47

Day 3 Dean Dreger b Copy

And guess who was awarded the very prestigious Saddle Mountain Farms $500 Safety Award! When a problem pops up, many are long on advice and short of effort. Dean is neither. He has a strong focus on safety in horsmanship and wagon racing on and off the track and steps up at any given time to make things right.  This was a very well chosen award.

Day 3 Tyler Robinson Copy

Taking the title of 2017 Deken Race the 8 Aggregate Chariot Champion is Tyler Robinson. Tyler was presented with the $500 Cash award by Hawrylenko Trucking. This will most certainly help Tyler carry on down the road. Very big thank you to Hawrylenko Trucking for this prize.

Day 2 of Racing (Saturday)

Photos coming

Day 1 of Racing (Friday)

Day 3 DSC 4344 Copy

The new sign hanging on the Rycroft Announcer Booth.

Big thanks to Deken Oilfield Transport for their extensive ongoing support of their community and many of the special events we all enjoy.

Day 1 Dean Copy

Top time on Day 1 goes to Dean Dreger (Platinum North Resources)

Day 1 Dean Dreger 1 Copy

Clock stopped for Dean at 57.31

Day 1 Dean and Tuff Copy

Dean was a full second ahead of 2nd place driver

Day 1 Les Rever Copy

Second spot for the night goes to Les Rever (Efroc Industries).

Day 1 Les Rever Help Copy

Les finished the race with a time of 58.40

Day 1 Lane Kimble and Rick McRorie Copy

Rounding out the top 3 was Lane Kimble (Farm Boys Oilfield). 

Day 1 Lane help Copy

Lane also broke the 1 minute barrier with a time of 59.51.

Day 1 Heat 6 Copy

It was tight to the track in Heat 6 and made for some exciting racing for the fans!

Day 1 Ron Bolin Copy

It's always exiciting watching veteran, Ron Bolin compete.

Day 1 Ron Bolin 2 Copy 

Ron Bolin (Northern Narthern Mat & Bridge) 

Day 1 Rick Copy

Taking the Bremner Creek Farms $250 cash award for fastest penalty free time was Rick McRorie (Regulators Oilfield). Rick was not first across the line but he was the penalty free driver of the heat. Thank you to Derril & Phyllis Skaley for this award.

 Day 1 Todd mcCracken Copy

Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services- Manning)

Day 1 Erik Trembaly Copy

Erik Tremblay (Silverwood Oats & Grain)

Day 1 Rilee Brian Copy

Rilee Letendre (JDA Oilfield Hauling) gets a little help from veteran, Brian Lewis, who just can't stay out of the wagon box.

Day 1 Roy Romanow Copy

Roy Romanow (Integrity Industries)

Day 1 (Thursday)

Unfortunately, due to some unexpected, unforseen trouble with the track, in the interst of safety of both horses and drivers, the WCA elected to not race tonight. However, the Rycroft crew is capable and committed to rectifying the problem by race time tomorrow. While the crew was attempting to fix the issue on the spot, Track Announcer Dennis Hall entertained the crowd with give aways donated by

jda 2 

A very big thank you to Jarvis and Kim Dawson for all the wonderful gifts that Dennis used to make both kids and adults act silly to win. It was a great way to fill the time and all enjoyed it.

See you all tomorrow!