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      Grande Prairie Stompede, May 30-June 3, 2018, Wed-Sunday





Wrap Up GP Stompede 2017

It`s time to dig out your quarters and come on down to the rodeo grounds at  Evergreen Park for the

2017 Grande Prairie Stompede

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Thank you to Dale Sales and Jo Kimble for all the photos!

Wagon action starts nightly at 5:00 P.M.

This season starter event is a traditional Stompede with all the bells and whistles! It's big. It's got everything including

Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation

 $24,000 Dash Sunday

This year, once again, due to the extraordinary year round efforts of the Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation, drivers of the WCA will be pushing hard for 4 days to qualify for the final heat on Sunday.  Drivers lucky enough to secure a spot in the final Heat 4 will be racing for the Wapiti Gravel Suppliers $15,000 cash prize.


This amazing purse wil help drivers carry on down the road, bringing more chuckwagon excitement to the residents in the Peace. With a mandate to preserve an important part of our western history, this dedicated group of Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation members does an outstanding job. They are responsible for many of the Dash Sunday events on the WCA circuit. This in turn brings the higher calibre of competition that is so exiting to watch. Learn more about who they are by clicking on their logo above.

So 5 Days. 4 Heats. 15 Drivers all pushing themselves to their limits for their chance to qualify for the final heat and the big prize on Dash Sunday.

It's offical now. After 4 days of racing, the drivers with the best accumulated times will be drawing a barrel in the final heat. Qualifying for the Sunday Dash are:

Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling) with a 5:24.75

Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport) with a 5:25.17

 Kelly Somerville (Tire Pro Inc) with a 5:30.72

Ron Bolin (Smash & Sons Contracting) with a 5:33.81

and the winner is ....

Day 5 Eric Rever Dash Champion Presentation Copy

Grande Paririe Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation's newest Dash Champion is Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport) Presenting the cheque to Eric, his family and his long time sponsor, Derril Skaley, is Derrick Murphy from Wapiti Gravel Suppliers along with many Heritage Foundation members. Congratulations Eric ! 

Day 5 Eric Rever Copy

Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport) barrelled tight and ran hard all weeked with his winning team. It seems the training paid off and the stars lined up right for him at this show!

Day 5 Eric Rever Dash Buckle Presentation Copy

Eric was also presented with the Dash Champion Trophy Buckle by GP Stompede Executive

Day 5 Kelly Somerville

Taking 2nd spot in that final heat was Kelly Somerville (Tire Pro Inc). Kelly had a great show and attributes it all to his special tires from Tire Pro!

 Day 5 Ron Bolin

3rd spot goes to Ron Bolin in his Smash & Sons Contracting hook

Day 5 Derek AEbly 2

4th place in that final heat goes to Derek Aebly. Derek had a fantastic show overall. His team worked hard for him and performed well. Everything was great right up until the $15,000 heat and it was there that Derek experienced a little bad luck. Everything well through the practice turn but when the horn blew, Derek took off and knocked a barrel! Second to cross the finish line was not enough to make up for the 5 second penalty.

But there was no losers. Each heat had a consolation prize.

Heat 3 - Bermar Rewind Dash for $4000 Cash

bermar rewind

Day 5 Lane Doug Heat 3

Doug Green (Hills Vac Services) and Lane Kimble (Mighty Peace Harley Davidson) fight for the rail position on their race to the track.

Day 5 Heat 3

Heat 3. Doug Green (Hills Vac Services) was seriously motivated to cross that finish line first and he did. He finished with a 1:19.58, 2 100ths ahead of 2nd place driver, Lane Kimble (Mighty Peace Harley Davidson) who put the pressure on all the way around the track. Lane's final time was 1:19.60

  Heat 2 -All Star Masonry Dash for $3000 Cash

 All Star Masonry

Day 5 Todd McCracken

It was a mad dash to the track for Todd McCracken (R&B Oilfield Services)...

Day 5 Roy Romanow

Roy Romanow (Integrity Industries North) and...

Day 5 Rilee 2

Rilee Letendre (JDA Oilfield Hauling)

Day 5 Heat 2

A neck in neck mad dash around the track but in the end, crossing the finish line first was Todd McCracken (R&B Oilfield Services). Todd's finished time was 1:23.45, only 5 100ths ahead of Roy Romanow (Integrity Industries North) whose time was 1:23.50.


Heat 1 -Gray Electric & First Choice Electrical  $2000 Cash

 gray electric  Frist choice electrical Supply2

 Day 5 Dean Dreger 2

Dean Dreger (Ruskin Construction)

Day 5 Don Federuik

Don Federuik (Deken Race the 8 at Rycroft) has a roaring start to the race,

Day 5 Heat 1

and crosses the finish line first in a well run race, but a little bad luck with a 2 second penalty for failing to stop at the barrels bumps him to 3rd place in his heat overall 

Day 4

Day 5 Derek Aebly Aggregate Champion

Derek Aebly is Grande Prairie Stompede's newest Aggregate Champion. Derek, with his family at his side, is presented with the 2017 40 Year Commererative Aggregate Champion Trophy Buckle. Presenting Derek with his prize is Stompede Executive, Terri Sudnik and Phil Troyer. Congratulations Derek Aebly and Horizon Hauling

Day 5 Derek AEbly 2

Derek Aebly (Horzion Hauling) takes his turn around the barrel in his winning team. 

Day 4 Derek Aebly 3

and his dash across the finish line to the Aggregate Champion title. Just look at that crowd!

Day 4 Eric Rever 1

Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport) finishes well ahead of all his competitors.

Day 4 Heat 2

Les Rever (Lindberg Construction), despite being pressured by Don Federuik (Deken Race the 8 at Rycroft) takes the lead a crosses the line first in his heat.
Day 4 Kelly Somerville 1
Having one of the best shows of his career is Kelly Somerville (Tire Pro Inc). We could see him in the Dash on Sunday
Day 4 Heat 3
Unfortunately first to cross the finish line is now always good enough. Erik Tremblay (the Medicine Shoppe) had a good race, finished first,  but the 5 second penalty that comes with a knocked barrel can really do some damage.  
Day 4 Ron Bolin 2
Ron Bolin (Smash & Sons Contracting) and Erik Tremblay (The Medicine Shoppe) 
Day 4 Rilee todd
It's chuckwagon history in the making! Rilee Letendre (JDA Oilfield Hauling) puts the pressure on Todd McCracken (R&B Oilfield Services) and guess what?
Day 4 Making chuckwagon History
Rilee wins her 1st race! Only 4 days into her career. The crowd goes wild!! Kim & Jarvis Dawson from JDA Oilfield Hauling, looks like you are now a part of chuckwagon history! Thank you for your support in this groundbreaking event in our western heritage.
Day 4 Todd McCracken
Giving Rilee some great competition was Todd McCracken (R&B Oilfield Services)
Day 3
The John Neilsen Memorial Dash For Cash  

John Neilson

  We shall not forget John Neilsen, who was an avid chuckwagon fan and a regular around the GP Stompede. This year, once again, John Neilsen will have a race run in his memory and a heat dedicated to him. This heat will be a random draw heat on Friday night! 4 lucky drivers will be racing in the John Robert Neilsen Memorial Dash Heat for a $3000 cash prize. These drivers will learn last minute who they are. The WCA extends a sincere thank you to the family of John Neilsen for this opportunity to honor his memory.

The lucky heat drawn by Sharon Neilsen herself, in front of a crowded grandstand was Heat 4. Turns out Heat 4 is the money heat this year at GP Stompede!

..and the winner is Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport)

Day 3 Nielsen Memorial Heat 4

followed closely by Dean Dreger (Ruskin Construction), then Rick McRorie (Shadow Rathole Drilling) and finally, Lane Kimble (Mighty Peace Harley Davidson). Eric is also sitting 2nd place in the Aggregate after Day 3 and is looking to take that title of GP Stompede Dash Champion away from reigning champ, Derek Aebly. The pressure is on!

Day 1 Derek Aebly

Top time for the night and top spot in the the Day 3 Aggregate goes to Horizon Hauling's rig with driver, Derek Aebly.  Despite the track being a little heavier after the day's rain, Derek managed to take a time of 1.21.41. Derek seems to be well on his way to securing a spot in that coveted final heat on Sunday for a chance at the Wapiti Gravel $15,000 purse.  Derek took this purse home last year and is looking to keep his Dash Champion title.

Day 3 Kelly Somerville 1

2nd for the night, and 3rd in the Day 3 Aggregate is Kelly Somerville with his Tire Pro rig. Abe BRAUN must have put some Cooper tires on that rig!

 Day 3 Les Rever 1

It appears that Les Rever (Lindberg Construction) may also be a force to be reckoned with. After a season off, Les is back and more determined that ever. Les took 4th spot for the night! Nice job Les. 

Day 3 Roy 2  

Nice, clean race for Roy Romanow in his Integrity Industries North outfit.

Day 3 Rilee 2

 Despite a little fishtailing when she hit the track off barrel 1, Rilee recovers nicely and...

Day 3 Rilee 3

and crosses the finish line first in her heat. Congratulations, Rilee. Looks like JDA Oilfield Hauling bet on a winner! 

Day 3 Doug Green 1

 A little bad luck with some wagon interference for previous GP Champion, Doug Green left him hitting the track a llittle late but keep an eye on him. He has the ability to overcome that.

Day 2

Day 2 heat 2

Day 2 Heat 2 all together to the finish line.

Day 2 Derek Aebly

Top spot for the night goes to Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling). He hauled *&%&* around that track like something was on fire behind him. He crossed the line with a time of 1.21.41. That time also gave him a 2nd place spot in the aggregate on Day 2 

Day 2 Lane Kimble 2

The fire behind Aebly was Lane Kimble . Adding some Harley Davidson flames to his wagon must have added a little heat. Where there's heat, there's power.  Lane took 2nd place with his Mighty Peace Harley Davidson hook on Day 2, spots higher than Day 1.

Day 2 Kelly somerville

Kelly Somerville ( Tire Pro Inc) takes 3rd place on Day 2 with a time of 1:22.23

Day 2 Les Rever


Les Rever (Lindberg Construction) 

Day 2 Ron Bolin

 Ron Bolin (Smash & Sons Contracting)

Day 2 Erik T

Erik Tremblay ( The Medicine Shoppe)

Day 2 Stompede Wagon

GP Stompede 40 Year Anniversary Wagon

Day 1

Day 1 Eric R 2 

A fantastic barrel turn had Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport) hitting the track well ahead of his competitors..

Day 1 Eric Rever Strong Finish

..and a strong finish put him well into top spot for the night. Eric finished the race with a time of 1.18.82, almost 3 seconds ahead of 2nd place Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling)...

Day 1 Derek Aebly

..who also run a great race and finished with a 1.21.13.

 Day 1 Todd Rilee

Crossing the finish line first in heat 1 was Todd McCracken (R&B Oilfield Services). Todd's time was 1.23.40.

You can see pushing Todd hard though, was rookie driver, Rilee Letendre (JDA Oilfield Hauling)

Day 1 Rilee 2

Rilee's first race of her career was excellent, despite a tough start.

Day 1 Rilee 3

Clearly she was pretty happy. Great job Rilee!

Day 1 Doug Green 2

Doug Green (Hill Vac Services) won his heat and took 3rd spot for the night with a 1.21.17

Day 1 Don Les

Don Federuik (Rycroft Ag Society) and Les Rever (Lindberg Construction) neck in neck across the finish line behind Doug Green (Hills Vac Services)

Day 1 neck and neck to the track

Races went well over all. Drivers hit the track together, making for some good racing.

 Day 1 Lane Kimble

Sporting a brand new look this year is Lane Kimble. Gone is the rustic old traditional chuckwagon and in is something a lot faster and a lot easier to keep in the off season, a Harley Davidson! A Mighty Peace Harley Davidson at that.  Let's hope he can travel at the same speed around those barrels. Lane took 4th overall on Day 1 with a 1.25.25

Day 1 Rick mcRorie

Hot to the track was Rick McRorie (Shadow Rathole Drilling)