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Bryce Somerville

Bryce Somerville


Bryce Somerville is a 17 year old from a 3 generation chuckwagon racing family. He currently lives in Sexsmith, Alberta and is in Grade 11.  3 years ago, he hit the circuit, working as a barn hand for his uncle, Kelly Somerville. He enjoyed himself so much that Kelly started teaching him how to drive horses and the following year, in 2015,  Bryce ran his first chariot race. He must have been paying attention to Uncle Kelly because he finished the season as Runner Up Chariot Champion. Bryce has a knack with horses and is very much looking forward to first, winning his own Chariot Champion title and the trophy buckle that goes with it, then putting together his own winning wagon team.

In the off season, Bryce enjoys hunting, farming, 4-H and working on older vehicles.