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      Grande Prairie Stompede, May 30-June 3, 2018, Wed-Sunday





Todd McCracken

Todd McCracken Copy 


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We are thrilled to have Todd back for 2017. Todd has been a WCA member for over 10 years. Like only a few others, he started out racing a chariot, and then moved on to a wagon. Unlike most, Todd still races his chariot and won and defended his title of WCA Chariot Champion from 2013-2015 while still driving his wagon. Todd also received the WCA Safety & Sportsmanship Award in 2008, 2010 and 2011. Todd took a break from wagon racing in 2016 but like all other wagon drivers, was unable to resist the lure of the track and the rush of the race.

Todd has what it takes to win. He is confident, safety conscious driver that very much loves the sport and puts a lot into it. He’s great competition on the track, always making for an exciting race. He takes excellent care of his horses and equipment and is always willing to help where needed.

Because of Todd’s likeable nature, he has developed a strong fan base that you can hear in the grandstands cheering him on to the win

Todd’s home base is Manning, Alberta, where he works in the oil patch and farms in the off season. He is a busy man with not a lot of free time. Todd travels the circuit with a large group of family, friends and sponsors.


2008 WCA Safety & Sportsmanship Award

2010 WCA Safety & Sportsmanship Award

2010 Runner Up Chariot Season Champion

2011 WCA Safety & Sportsmanship Award

2012 Runner Up Chariot Season Champion

2013 Season Chariot Champion

2014 Season Chariot Champion 


History of WCA Season Standings

2009-7th Place

2010-9th Place

2011-12th Place

2012-7th Place 

2013-13th Place Wagons

       2014-Chariot Tour Champion

2014-12th Place Wagons

       2014-Chariot Tour Champion