Western Chuckwagon Association



      Grande Prairie Stompede, May 30-June 3, 2018, Wed-Sunday






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Keygan Havener

Keygan Havener was born and raised in Dawson Creek and was introduced to horses at a very young age. He learned to hook and drive from his uncle, Dale McAllister, a pony wagon driver for over thirty years. Keygan assisted Dale for about ten of those years, and learned more of the trade from great grandpa Dave Williams and his grandfather Keith Havener before work and school took over his life. But he never forgot his roots, and when he was introduced to Todd McCracken, he jumped back into the sport as Todd’s barn hand. In 2013 Keygan made his debut race driving a Thoroughbred chariot in front of a crowd, and a new WCA driver was initiated. The McCracken barn has taken Keygan under their wings and has tuned his skills, honed his patience, and sharpened his horsemanship. Keygan’s plan is to stay with the WCA and eventually build his own chuckwagon team.

When this 24 year old man is not working with horses, you will find him working at Fossil Communications as a telecommunications expert, or at his home in Dixonville.