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Ron Bolin

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The Bolin name. If you are a wagon fan, you’ve heard it. If you just watch the races occasionally, you’ve heard it. It’s a name synonymous with chuckwagon racing and rich with history in this sport. Ron has been involved with horses all his life and in a wagon box since he could barely walk. With well over40 years of driving experience, in many clubs, he is one of the most formidable opponents you will find on the track. He is a confident, assertive driver that keeps others on their toes and the races exciting to watch. He is very competitive and knows how to win. He has numerous wins to name, too many to list, and very likely will continue to be a winner. Ron typically races 2 wagons on the circuit. He has been with the club since it started and always places in the top with both wagons.

He was mentored by his father, the late Ivor “Sonny” Bolin, and is cheered on at every show by his wife Sherry and his daughters Sharlee, Jayme, and Raylee. His brother, Jack Bolin is takes an active role on the circuit, helping and holding for Ron.

Ron currently holds a position as a Director with the WCA.

Ron comes from Rio Grande, Alberta, where he farms, drives truck, and makes harnesses in his spare time. One of our most colorful characters, he has many entertaining chuckwagon stories to tell over a cup of coffee and always welcomes a visitor at his camp.



2015-Rycroft Race the 8 Dash for Cash Champion

2015-Dawson Creek Exhibiton Show Champion

2012-Tour Champion

2012-Grande Prairie Stompede Dash for Cash Champion

2012-Pomeroy Guitars & Wagons Aggregate Champion

2012-Pomeroy Guitars & Wagons Dash for Cash Champion

2012-Rio Grande Aggregate Champion

2012-Rio Grande Dash for Cash Champion

2012-TP Creek Stampede Dash for Cash Champion

2012-Manning Rodeo Aggregate Champion

2011-Grande Prairie Stompede Aggregate Champion

2011-Rio Grande Dash for Cash Champion

2011-Grimshaw Stampede Aggregate Champion

2010-Danny Dreger Memorial For Rycroft Aggregate Champion

2007-Tour Champion

2003-Tour Champion

 2001-Tour Champion




History of WCA Season Standings


2016-6th Place

2015-2nd Place

2014-16 Place (part season)

2013- N/A

2012-1st Place (Tour Champion)

2011-3rd Place

2010-3rd Place

2009-12th Place