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G&W Tarp Auction 2013

2013 Pomeroy Guitars & Wagons Weekend

Tarp Auction Results

Driver Sponsor $ Bid Total
Erik Tremblay Accord Equipment Rentals $8,500.00
Dean Dreger 1 FOCUS Corp $5,500.00
Lane Kimble 1 Garry Wilson Trucking $5,100.00
Ryan McAleney Todd McAleney Welding $5,000.00
Dean Dreger 2 Beairsto Lehners Ketchum Engineering & Survey $5,000.00
Tyson Graham Arlet Family & Brumby Projects $4,500.00
Brian Lewis Northern Mat & Bridge $3,900.00
Lane Kimble 2 Mecan Lifestyle $3,900.00
Eric Rever Deken Oilfield Transport $3,800.00
Todd McCracken GT Oilfield $3,500.00
Les Rever Attack Oilfield $3,500.00
Evan Magee 2 Knelson Rock Products $3,300.00
Derek Aebly RT Rentals $3,200.00
Sean Debolt Glacier Ridge Ventures $3,100.00
Wendell Ridsdale Stonebridge Hotel $3,100.00
Nathan Sales NJ Sales Welding $3,000.00
Evan Magee 1 Michalchuk BrosL Contractors $3,000.00
Blaid Flad The Sundowner Boys $2,900.00
Lance Lewis Nordic Energy $2,800.00
Doug Green DG Livestock Holdings $2,750.00
Glen Ridsdale 1 WeGoNorth.com $2,600.00
Rick McRorie Xtra Tuff Rig Mats $2,600.00
Glen Ridsdale 2 MDJ Oilfield Services $2,500.00
Roy Romanow Smart Marketing Communication Services $2,400.00
Leo Mitchell Pomeroy Inn & Suites $2,250.00
Dwight Green First Choice Pipehandlers $1,750.00

All were smiling as this well attended event exceeded expectations as usual. The mood was great. The hosts, Maddhatters were outstanding as usual and this tarp auction, a 1st for the show, brought in an amazing $93,450.00. The average bid was $3600 and there were 26 drivers partcipating. This will be hard to beat next year.

Check out the photos

Audience GW 2013 -3

Maddhatters GW 2013

As usual, Maddhatters set the bar high for hosting this event. The place was packed.

Lane Kimble GW 2013

Lane Kimble

Dean Dreger GW 2013

Dean Dreger

Eric Rever GW 2013

Eric Rever

Sean Debolt GW 2013-1

Sean Debolt

Blaid Flad GW 2013

Blaid Flad

Brain Lewis GW 2013

Brian Lewis

Derek Aebly GW 2013

Derek Aebly

Doug Green GW 2013

Doug Green

Dwight Green GW 2013

Dwight Green

Erik Tremblay GW 2013

Erk Tremblay

Evan Magee GW 2013

Evan Magee

Glen Ridsdale GW 2013

Glen Ridsdale

lance Lewis GW 2013

Lance Lewis

Leo Mitchell GW 2013

Leo Mitchell

Les Rever GW 2013

Les Rever

Nathan Sales GW 2013

Nathan Sales

Rick McRorie GW 2013

Rick McRorie

Ryan McAleney GW 2013

Ryan McAleney

Spotter GW 2013 jpg

As usual, the spotter was on the ball!

GW 2013

And they all had a great time

GW 2013 Entertainer

The evening finished with a top notch entertainer.