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Blaid Flad

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Blaid back for his 5th year with the WCA. He joined the club as a young, brand new driver from a family steeped in wagon racing history. He is the eldest son of fellow driver, Troy Flad and the grandson of former Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby Champion, the late Herman Flad.

Blaid immediately impressed everyone. He displayed some exceptional racing skills for his rookie year and clearly understands the importance of safety on the track. 2014 was a good year for Blaid. He moved up in the standings and proved himself to be a honest, capable driver with some good decision making skills. In fact, in 2016, Blaid was awarded with the first WCA Safety Award. th those valuable skills and a little seasoning, Blaid will top the charts as a real champion one day.

Blaid takes great pride in the looks of his outfit and his wagon is colorful and noticeable whether he is leading the pack or not.

Blaid works in the oil patch and farms with his dad in the off season. He enjoys hockey, hunting and helping his younger brothers with their miniature bull riding. Blaid is a open, friendly young man with great manners and he comes to us from Warburg, Alberta.



2016-WCA Safety Award


History of WCA Standings

2016-10th Place

2015-13th Place

2014-14th Place

2013-17th Place (Rookie Season)