Western Chuckwagon Association



      Grande Prairie Stompede, May 30-June 3, 2018, Wed-Sunday





2015 Show Directors

For a 2015 list of Board of Directors,

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2015 Wagon Masters

1. Dean Dreger

2. Roy Romanow

2015 Parking Director

1. Derek Aebly 

2015 Show Directors

Grande Prairie Stomede

1. Lane Kimble

2. Doug Green

Pomeroy Guitars & Wagons Weekend

1. Rick McRorie

2. Dean Dreger

Rio Grande Canada Day Rodeo
 1. Ron Bolin

2. Brian Lewis

GRV Rycroft Race the 8 Chuckwagon Races

1.Roy Romanow

2. Eric Rever

Teepee Creek 4 Days in the Wild Stampede

1. Ron Bolin

2. Erik Tremblay

Manning Rodeo

1.Todd McCracken

2. Les Rever

Grimshaw North Peace Stampede

1.Kelly Somerville

2. Leo Mitchell

Dawson Creek Exhibition

1.Blaid Flad

2. Sean DeBolt

Show Director Responsibilities

•Show directors need to contact/meet with host venue representitive and confirm the following:

1. Entry day/time to the grounds

2. Water availability

3. Manure disposal

4. Daily meeting times if any

5. Cleanup requirements

6. Track times before and during show

4. Any other relevant information that needs to be passed on to the drivers

•Show directors should provide cell phone numbers to host venue representative

• Show directors should attend production meetings if available

The Secretary will pass on to drivers any information show directors provide.

• Show directors meet with the parking director and host venue representative to organize appropriate parking areas for the membership. Secretary will email map to members if available.

•Show directors to accept protests from drivers and deliver them to Office and deliver protest results back to driver.