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Shadow Rathole Drilling

Shadow Rathole Drilling for Grande Prairie Stompede, Teepee Creek Stampede, Dawson Creek Exhibition

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GMC for Manning Rodeo, Grimshaw North Peace Stampede (WCA)


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Teepee Creek Stampede for Rycroft Chuckwagon Races


Back for the 2014 season is one of the most colourful characters in the WCA history of wagon drivers. Dwight started racing in 1977. In his early 30’s at the time, he was introduced to the sport by the man he called his mentor and friend, Tom Dorchester. He was taught how to train horses by his Dad, and was employed in the patch for 50 years. Before taking a leave of absence from the sport to assist the careers of his sons-in-law, Floyd Bradshaw and Darcy Flad, Dwight was named the WPCA’s Most Improved Driver in 1988. He’s a cancer survivor and he lives by the motto he portrays on the back of his liner—“Follow Your Dreams”. Dwight ran in one race with the WCA in 2009, when he raced at the Grande Prairie Stompede, and joined up with the club full time in 2013. Dwight returned in 2014 where he was unable to complete the season and elected to retire from chuckwagon racing.

WCA Season Standings

2013-21st Place

2014-25th Place


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