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Lance Lewis

Lance Lewis 

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If you’re a native of Dawson Creek and your last name is Lewis, then it goes without saying that you know horse flesh. Lance is no exception to the rule. He was born into the chuckwagon business and helped his dad Brian win countless show titles at a very young age. On his first year of competitive driving with the pony chuckwagons, Lance come home with the “Rookie of the Year” buckle and finished a very respectable third in the season overall. He raced with the WCA at the Teepee Creek show in 2009 and drove his team well enough to place in the Dash for Cash Sunday.  

Lance works side by side with Donalda Cockrane as a Racehorse Trainer in the Pari-Mutuel Racing. As a team they have been very successful in making it into the "Winners Circle" on several occasions. Although work commitments kept him from racing full time in the previous years, in 2012, he was able to race at both Grande Prairie Stompede and the Dawson Creek Exhibition. Like others, part time was just not enough once  you get a taste of it.  In 2013, for the first time, Lance raced with the WCA full time. He finished the season in the top 3rd   securing the title of  Top Rookie of the Year. Lance signed up fulltime in 2014 but was unable to complete the season. He did enjoy the time he was racing and has chosen to race again in 2015. We look forward to seeing him again and expect his will excel this year.  

Lance is a capable, experienced driver that provides some serious competition on the track. He is a likeably guy with a huge following that can always be heard cheering in the crowd. He travels with his father, Brian Lewis and their camp is always filled with family and friends just enjoying the lifestyle.


2013 Top Rookie of the Year

WCA Season Standing


2013-8th Place

2014-17th Place