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      North Peace Stampede at Grimshaw, Friday -Sun, July 31-Aug-2, 2015





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It all starts tonight (Friday) in Grimshaw.

North Peace Stampede

Another battle in the north for the WCA. Friday, July 31 is the start of the last portion of the WCA GMC Pro Tour. Grimshaw's North Peace Stampede is their last show to really impact the standings before heading to the season finale in Dawson Creek. Wagon drivers will be doing their best to compete penalty free while placing at the top. All points count and a No Time could sink you. With a No Time comes no day points and worse yet, no aggregate points. 

 This is a competition for not only the title of 2015 North Peace Stampede Aggregate Champion and all the  bragging rights that go with it, but also  the MSS Trucking $1000 cash prize. The driver with the fastest total time for the show will be the winner.

MSS Trucking

A very big thank you to MSS Trucking and Marvin Sheehan for once again supporting the chuckwagon wagon portion of the North Peace Stampede. Click on his logo to learn more about MSS Trucking

There's more.  This is the show that determines who will take the title of  2015 World Chariot Champion Chariot Driver. Leading the standing going into this show is our 2014 Champion, Todd McCracken with a 24 point lead. With some luck and clean running, he could be sporting a brand new Trophy Buckle and a title to go with it. But, a little bad luck could shake things up. 

 Come on down and enjoy the show. 8 heats in total race at 7:00 PM, Friday through Sunday, July 31- Aug 2. Don't forget your quarters!

For more information on the North Peace Stampede,

check our their Facebook page.

Day 1 at Grimshaw

Well is was a great start to the last leg of the 2015 GMC Pro Tour and a great start to the show for driver, Les Rever in Attack Oilfield Services rig. It started with an incredible barrel turn and finished with a top spot time of 1:02.65, a full second ahead of 2nd spot Ron Bolin & Outlaw Construction. Ron crossed the finish line with a time of 1:03.56. 2nd,3rd, and 4th spots all were within a quarter of a second apart. It was great racing.Check out the videos!

Les Rever 3 Copy

Headin' to the track to make the perfect run!

Les REver 1 Copy

It was an excellent start for Les Rever (Attack Oilfield Services) Les Rever 2 Copy

And a perfect finish too. Sometimes it all just works.

Lane Kimble Copy

Giving Les a run for his money was Lane Kimble (Mighty Peace Oilfield Services) and

Derek aEbly 2 Copy

and Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling) with helper & holder, Dale Aebly.

Jason Glawson Copy

Rookie, Jason Glawson (Brogan Safety) is getting handle on driving those finicky thoroughbreds. Jason had a nice start and finished the race penalty free.

Ron Bolin Rodeo

Unfortunately for Jason, Ron Bolin (Smash & Sons Contracting) is a hard act to beat. After a brief rodeo start,

Ron Bolin 2 Copy

that send holder, Jack Bolin scrambling up the fence...

Ron Bolin Smash Copy

he hit the track hard and crossed the line 1st in his heat.

Leo Mitchell 3 Copy

Crossing the finish first in heat 2 was Leo Mitchell (Lakeside Oilfield Services),

Romanows Rig 2 Copy

almost a full second ahead of 2nd place Roy Romanow (Ernco Interiors)

Blaid Flad Copy

Following Roy and Leo was Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions)

Blaid Flad 2 Copy

Who crossed the finish line in a cloud of dust. With a little luck, Blaid  may be leaving a trail of dust for his competitors on Day 2.

Kelly Avenge Copy

It was also a good night for Kelly Somerville (Avenge Oilfield Services). Cooperative horses, a nice barrel turn and a quick run to the track....

Kelly Wins his heat Copy

put Kelly  in top spot at the finish line in Heat 3 with a 1:04.71, despite the pressure from Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services)

Todd Silvertip Copy

who finished just slightly behind Kelly with at 1:04.81 

doug Green Copy

Also flying around the track after an absolutely phenomenal barrel turn was Grande Prairie Aggregate Champion, Doug Green (Tracer Energy) 

Doug Green b Copy

Doug crossed the line first in his heat with a time of 1:03.66, putting him 3rd spot overall for the night.

Rick McRorie A Copy

Despite being off to a great start,

Rick McRorie 2 Copy 

a little equipment trouble for Rick McRorie (CIMS Energy Services) put him in 3rd spot in his heat. Safety conscious Rick began slowing his team down in the backstretch but managed to finish the race without incident.   

Heat 6 Copy

Three wagons hit the track at once in the final heat of the night

Heat 6 2 Copy 

 and it was neck in neck all the way to the finish for these champions. Crossing the line first was Ron bolin (Outlaw Construction) with a time of 1:03.56

A very big THANK YOU to Jo Kimble and Dale Sales for taking all the photos this year. Great job and you are appreciated!


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