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Coming after season end, new Photo Albums for you to enjoy.

Look for them in September! 


Happening now...

The 92nd Annual Dawson Creek Exhibition & Stampede

Scroll down for Dash Results!

This is the biggest show the WCA performs at and it is the last show on our season tour. It is an incredible show and truly a "Fall Fair". There is a huge variety of exhibits and they are outstanding. There are animals of all kinds.  There is so much to see and do that this is the one "Must See" show in the Peace. Click on the poster below for complete information on this exciting event.

Dawson Creek 2014 Poster

At this show, the 2014 Tour Champion will be presented with the  Ken Sargent GMC Trophy Truck. The winner will be the driver that has placed top spot in the Season Standings. Points are calculated all the way up to and including Saturday race day. Truck will be presented on Sunday.

Also happening on Sunday..

$15,000 Dash for Cash Sunday!

Full spectrum Line Locating

With the Dawson Creek Exhibiton setting the standards at a whopping $5000 purse, WCA partner, Tom Dean-Full Spectrum Line Locating has added $10,000 to sweeten the pot. This will be a show to remember. 

20 drivers will be competing for 4 days to accumulate the fastest total time. The top 4 drivers in the aggregate will be given a chance to cross the finish line first and take home the $10,000 honey pot. Consolation heats with be $1250.00 each. It's a win no matter where you place!

Wagon action starts nightly at 5:30 and we need our fans. The more you cheer, the faster they run, so come on down.

A very sincere THANK  YOU to Tom & Dale Dean for their generosity in partnering up with the WCA in our efforts to preserve our western heritage and way of life


Track announcer, Dennis Hall and a number of wagon drivers will be participating in the Exceptional Rodeo on Thursday. There's room in the grandstands, so come on down and watch the entertainment. Everyone welcome. 


Check us out in the parade on Saturday. A very special attraction coming!

Day 1

Race video and results posted now!

The first night of racing a Dawson was great. The weather was perfect. Not too hot and not too windy. The drivers showed very well and there were lots of compliments from the fans.

Ron Bolin 2 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Ron Bolin (Dave Moore Trucking) takes top time of the night with a 1:20.93.

Cody Fraser 2 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Cody Fraser (Shadow Rathole Drilling), our newest rookie, on his very first race, gives Ron Bolin (Dave Moore Trucking) some serious competition on the track and  takes a 2nd place time for the night. He finished up with a 1:21.15. Cody can thank Nathan Sales for the loan of the wagon.

Sean DeBolt sneaks up to take the race 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Also sitting in 2nd spot with Cody Fraser is Sean DeBolt (Glacier Ridge Ventures). Sean ran an exciting race, pacing himself during the first half and coming home STRONG for a winning finish.

Rick  Les 800x600

 Photo by Dale Sales

Rick McRorie (Cinch Oilfield Hauling) and Les Rever (Brocor Construction)

Roy Romanow 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Roy Romanow & Mecan Lifestyle / Papa Murphy's Pizza

Day 1 heat 2 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Day 1 Heat 2. A 4 barrel wagon race is so exciting to watch!

Dean Drger 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales
Dean Dreger & FOCUS Corp

Kelly Somerville 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales
Kelly Somerville & Rebel Rentals

Derek Aebly 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales
Derek Aebly & RT Rentals


Day 2

Lane Kimble 1st place 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Lane Kimble (Gibson Energy) had serious energy tonight! A great turn and first shot at the rail secured him the top time of the night. He finished with a 1:17.34

Doug Green 2 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Sitting in 2nd spot tonight was Doug Green (Elite Vac & Steam)

Doug finished with a 1:18.58

Doug Green 2nd place 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

lance  Blaid 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Brian Lewis 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Brian Lewis (Northern Mat & Bridge)

les  Dean 800x600

Les Rever (Brocor Construction) & Dean Dreger (FOCUS Corp)

Ron Bolin  Leo Mitchell 800x600

Ron Bolin (Dave Moore Trucking) & Leo Mitchell (CIMS Energy) 

Mitch Sutherland  Todd McCracken 800x600

Mitch Sutherland in Erik Tremblay's Fluidpro Oilfield Services rig hits the track just ahead of Todd McCracken (Lindberg Construction)

Day 4

2014 Season Champion is Sean DeBolt (Glacier Ridge Ventures)

Congratulations Sean!

Sean Debolt Jerry shaver 2014 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Jerry Shaver, from Ken Sargent GMC in Grande Prairie presents a well deserving Sean DeBolt with the keys to a brand new 2015 Trophy Truck. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into winning one of these champion trucks. You should be proud of yourself!

Thank you very much Ken Sargent GMC & Jerry Shaver for all your support!

Sean DeBolt 2014 Season champion 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Sean Debolt 2014 Season Champion 2 800x600

Photo by Jo Kimble

Sean Debolt champion 2014 1 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Brian Lewis 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

 Brian Lewis & Northern Mat & Bridge

Day 4 Heat 2 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales 

Day 4 Heat 2

Evan Magee 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Evan Magee & Michalchuk Brothers Contracting

Fluidpro  Elite 2 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Doug Green (Elite Vac & Steam with a slight lead on Mitch Sutherland, driving Erik Tremblay's Fluidpro Oilfield rig

Cody Fraser 2 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Cody Fraser & Shadow Rathole Drilling. Look for him in the Sunday Dash

Rick McRorie 2 800x600

 Photo by Dale Sales

Rick McRorie (Cinch Oilfield Hauling)

Full Specgrum Line Locating  Cody Fraser 2014 Dash champ 800x600

Photo by Dale Sales

Rookie WCA driver, Cody Fraser dashes to the finish line and takes both the $5000 Full Spectrum Line Locating cheque

Cody Fraser Dash Champ 2014

 ...and the $5000 DCEA cheque.

Congratualtions Cody on your first very successful show.

Very big thank you to both Full Spectrum Line Locating and

the Dawson Creek Exhibition for all their support! 


Just finished....

Grimshaw's North Peace Stampede

Wagons race nightly Friday through Sunday at 7:00 PM.

Come on down early. Save your spot in the bleachers and check out the midway. Finish off your night with the thunder of the WCA. Bring your quarters. Place your bets. Cheer your man all the way to the finish line.

Thank you to Jo Kimble for all the candid photos at Grimshaw!

More photos coming !!!

Day 3 Grimshaw

Eric Rever & Deken Oilfield Transport adds the title Grimshaw's North Peace Stampede 2014 Chuckwagon Champion to his growing list of wins this year. Congratulations Eric

Eric Rever Presentation 800x600

On behalf of Marvin Sheehan and  MSS Trucking, Alfred Rasmussen, president of the North Peace Stampede Association, presents Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport) with a $1000 cheque

Eric Rever 800x600

Photo by Jo Kimble

The final race to secure the win. The don't always have to be the fastest time of the night, but they sure have to be clean and consistent as Eric clearly proves. Despite his middle of the pack time on day 3, knocked barrels, penalties and no times for other drivers pushed him right to the top. With his top placings in day 1 and 2, a clean run was all he needed

Kyla Rever Rookie Holder 800x600

Photo by Jo Kimble

The WCA breaks in another rookie! Kyla Rever makes her debut as "Holder" for spouse, Les Rever (Advantage North) And she did a heck of a job. With the woman in charge pointing him in the right direction, Les finishes the heat with a time of 1:03.73 and that is a 3rd place spot on Day 3. She's a keeper!

Les REver 800x600

Photo by Jo Kimble

Looks like these Rever's are going to be a force to be reckoned with!

 Todd McCracken 800x600

Photos by Jo Kimble

For the 2nd year in a row, Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services) is crowned Chariot Champion!. It's a tough job running 2 rigs and he did it very well. All season Todd ran a chariot and a chuckwagon.

Todd McCracken 2 800x600

 Tracy Coulter 800x600

He even put his sponsor to work.  Tracy Coulter, Silvertip Oilfield Services can be found at Todd's barn doing just about everything. That is one very special sponsor. Lucky you Todd!  

Roy Romanow 800x600

Roy Romanow & Lakeside Oilfield Services

Derek Aebly 800x600

Derek Aebly & Westmax Trucking

Evan Magee 800x600

Evan Magee & Brayco Services

leo Mitchell 2 800x600

Leo Mitchell & WeGoNorth.com


Day 1 Grimshaw

crowd shot 800x600

Photo by Jo Kimble

The weather was perfect and the stands were full. The first night show kinks were worked out and the show went well. 

Day 1 of chariot racing saw rookie driver, Tyler Robinson (Underground Enterprises) outrun 2013 Chariot Champ and current leader in the standings, Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services). Despite Todd's best effort, Tyler finished with a 1:01.21, well ahead Todd who took 2nd spot with his time of 1:02.94

Tyler and Dakota 800x600

Tyler and Dakota Dreger -Photo by Jo Kimble

..and behind every winner is a good woman showing him how!

Tyler Robinson 2

Photo by Jo Kimble

Tyler Robinson (Underground Enterprises) in his pole chariot.


The dust was flying in the final heat of the night for several of our champions as they took off around the barrels in a very well run final heat. When it all settled, Tyson Graham (Lafarge) finished in 1st place with a 1.03.18 leaving his competitors eating a little dust.

 Tyosn Graham 800x600

Lane Kimble 800x600

Lane Kimble (Mecan Lifestyle & Papa Murphy's Pizza)

Les Rever 800x600 

Photo by Jo Kimble

Hot on Tyson 's trail, was Les Rever (Advantage North). Les finished the night in 2nd spot with a time of 1:03.29, just slightly behind the 1st place time. 

Erik Tremblay 800x600 

First the thunderiing of the hooves....

Then out of the shadows, he came charging down the track.

Erik Tremblay & Torque Industrial

Kelly Somerville 800x600

Kelly Somerville with his Lindberg Construction tarp

Evan Magee 1 800x600

Evan Magee & Brayco Services

Rick McRorie 800x600

Rick McRorie with his McAleney Racing Team Memorial Tarp

Blaid Flad 800x600

Blaid Flad (Smash & Sons Contracting)


Just finished...

Battle River Construction's Battle in the North !

Where?  The Manning Rodeo

Battle River Logo

 6 heats of wagons. 2 heats of pole chariots. Local drivers. All fighting for the rights to the 2014 Champion title. What could be better! 

The rodeo kicks off with a WCA hosted Meet & Greet BBQ at the Freson parking lot from 11-1:30. Come on down, enjoy lunch on us, visit with the drivers, choose your favorite and cheer him on at the races that night.

Wagons race at 6:30 Friday and Saturday. Sunday the wagon action starts at 4:00

Click on the logo below to find details on this event.

2-br manning rodeo logo

Day 3 Manning

It was a perfect race day. The weather was beautiful. The stands were full. The wagon action was great and the fans loved it.  They  were LOUD!! You knew when their favorite crossed the finish line. They even cheered at the post parade. Thank you Manning for your support.

Sean DeBolt (Glacier ridge Ventures) has rightfully won the title of

Manning Rodeo 2014  Show Champion.

Not only did he take 1st with his wagon and an aggregate time  about 3 1/2 seconds faster than closest competitor, Ron Bolin (Outlaw Construction), he also took top spot with his Rage Oilfield Chariot, a couple of seconds ahead of 2013 Chariot Champion,Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services)

Sean Debolt Manning 2014 800x600

Sean DeBolt is presented with his trophy buckle by Royalty at Manning!

Photo courtesy of Kristy at Cowboss Publications & Photography

manning rodeo buckle

A very big thank you to the Manning Rodeo Committee for a job well done.

More photos on Facebook 

Day 2 Manning

Allison Lien-Parade at Manning

Thank you to Allison Lien for this photo

Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport), our latest Guitars & Wagons Show Champion shows off his GMC Trophy Truck and the wagon that won it in the Manning parade this morning. Sitting in the wagon seat, track announcer Dennis Hall entertains the crowd with his comments and music.  

Eric also raced well tonight. He finished 2nd spot with a 1:03.24 slightly ahead of 3rd place Tyson Graham (Cinch Oilfield Hauling) who finished with a 1:03.37

But finishing in top spot was Sean Debolt. He had a smokin' run and finished 2+ seconds ahead of everyone with a time of 1:01.12

Look for photos on Facebook


Tyson Graham takes the 1st place ribbon for his participation in

"Tough Enough to Wear Pink" Day

Tyson Graham at Manning 800x600

 Thank you to Kristy at Cowboss Photography for the special photo!

Day 1 Manning

IMG 8886 800x600

WCA & Battle River Ag Society host the 3rd Annual Kickoff BBQ.

Many locals attended and enjoyed a free lunch.

IMG 8860 800x600

Dennis Hall entertains the children at the Kickoff BBQ in Manning

Despite the smokey haze, the night went very well. Temperature was perfect for the horses and they all performed great.

Ron Bolin (Outlaw Construction) took top time for the night with a 1:02.28, just a slight edge on Lane Kimble (Mecan Lifestyle) who finished up with a 1:02.44. Sitting in 3rd is Doug Green (Elite Vac & Steam) with a 1:02.74.

Ron Bolin

Ron Bolin in his Outlaw Construction rig

Lane Kimble 2nd place

Lane Kimble (Mecan Lifestyle) 

Rick McRorie 4th place

Despite a bout with the flu bug, Rick McRorie (McAleney Farms) holds his 4th place spot in the standings with a well run race on the first night in Manning


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Thousands in the grandstands get a look at the GMC Big Truck!

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We have many sponsors to thank and each one is equally important
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