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      Teepee Creek Stampede July 9-12, 2015, Thursday -Sunday





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Happening now....

Rio Grande Canada Day Rodeo 

Rio Grande Rodeo Logo cropped

$5500 Dash Saturday

7 Heats of Thoroughbred Wagons-20 wagon drivers

all competing for a spot in the final heat of the Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation Dash. Drivers will race for 3 days, Wednesday through Friday. Then we find out who it will be. The 3 drivers with the fastest accumulated race times, the top 3 in the Aggregate will have their shot to fill the trough on the 4th day of racing.

Every heat is a dash!

All the wagon action starts at 6:30 PM Wed-Fri with

GPCHF Dash Saturday action starting at 2:00 PM on the final day.

The entire crew at the WCA extends a sincere thank you to the Heritage Foundation for their outstanding efforts in supporting this exciting sport. The GPCHF is a dedicated group of locals who have a strong interst in supporting their community and it's history. With a area rooted in a western lifestyle,  an organization like this is important to preserving our heritage. You can learn about the Foundation through their website (click link) or click on logo for more info.  

Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation.

GP Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation Logo-new

Day 4 at Rio Grande

In the final heat GPCHF Dash for Cash were Eric Rever (Sky Eye Measurement), Sean DeBolt (Glacier Ridge Ventures) and Ron Bolin 1 (Borek Construction). It was a good race but a knocked barrel prevented the Rio Grande Rocket, Ron Bolin (Borek Construction) from winning the GPCHF Dash at his hometown show, leaving the purse for Sean DeBolt (Glacier Ridge Ventures).

Day 3 at Rio Grande

The Manning crew clean up!!

Well, it's official now. Eric Rever ( Sky eye Measurements) is hot this year. He's on a roll and he is hard to beat. He had worked hard training his horses, tweaking his feed program and babying those athletes in his barn. It has paid off in a big way. Tonight Eric won the Aggregate and the title of 2015 Rio Grande Champion.

Our 2nd champion is another man from Manning, Todd McCracken (Silvertip Oilfield Services). Tonight Todd McCracken won the Aggregate for the Chariots and the title of 2015 Rio Grande Chariot Champion.

Day 2 at Rio Grande

Heat 6 (below)

)DEan Dreger Copy

Top time of the night was Dean Dreger (WSP Canada)

1Z5A6871 Copy

The start was tight.

Den Dreger 2 Copy

The corner was tight.

rick ron Copy

Rick McRorie (Reaction Oilfield Services) and Ron Bolin (Borek Construction) duke it out for the win. But that rail spot paid off for Dean, who finished with a 100.23.


In our final heat (7) were..

Eric Copy

Eric Rever (Sky Eye Measurements),

SEan 1 Copy

Sean DeBolt (Glacier Ridge Ventures) and  

Doug Green Copy

Doug Green (Bar Diamond Cattle). 

SEan Eric 2 Copy

Our top 3 in the standings hit the track hard. The dust was flying.

Heat 7 Copy 

And the competition strong

 Eric Sean Copy

Eric Rever crossed the finish line first to take second spot for the night with a 1:00.70

But it was not a great night for all. Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions) can tell you all about it.

 Blaid 2 Copy

It was a great start, but that's all he managed. A start.

Blaid Flad Copy

Check out the wheel.

Blaid Flad oop s2 Copy

And then no wheel!

Blaid Flad Opps 3 Copy 

But he did an amazing job controlling the situation. No horses or drivers injured but the track and wagon took a beating.

Brian Lewis Copy

and veteran driver, Brian Lewis (Letendre Family) was able to finish the race with a 1:01.41

Derek Aebly Copy

Derek Aebly ( Maximum Tank Trucks) in heat 5.

Erik Tremblay Copy

A strong start with a great barrel turn for Erik Tremblay (Deep Basin Contracting) put him across the finish line first in his heat.

Heat 4 was our 3 wagons drivers from Manning....

Kelly Copy 

Kelly Somerville (Lindberg Construction),

Les REver Copy

Les Rever (Attack Oilfield),

Todd Copy

Todd McCracken ( Silvertip Oilfield Services)

Heat 4 Copy

4th Corner ..

Les Todd Copy

 and the win goes to Todd McCracken with Silvertip Oilfield Services with a 1:01.21

Leo Copy

Leo Mitchell with his Strad Energy rig crosses the line.

Day 1 at Rio Grande

Lane Kimble 2 Day 1 Copy

Lane Kimble with his Manning Rodeo outfit. Consider planning a trip to the upcoming Manning Rodeo  

 Eric Rever 1 Day 1 Copy

Kelly Somerville 2 Copy

 Blaid Jason 2 Copy

 Bryce Copy

Erik Tremblay 2 Copy

Brian Blaid Copy

Daniel Copy

Lane Kimble 5 Copy

Todd 1 Copy

Derek Aebly Copy

Rick McRorie 1 Day 1 Copy


A very big THANK YOU to Jo Kimble and Dale Sales for taking all the photos this year. Great job and you are appreciated!


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