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      Dawson Creek Fall Fair & Exhibition, Wednesday-Sunday, August 10-14, 2016





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Ever wonder what goes into training a chuckwagon team? So did Tim Gedcke from Eastlink TV! So he set out to to see what he could learn. This is what he found out...


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Scroll down for barrel draw and nightly updates.

This is the last show on our season tour. It boasts being "The Greatest Show in the Peace" and it truly is one of a kind. Not only is it the most comprehensive, unique show on the tour, it is also one of the biggest. There is a huge variety of exhibits and they are outstanding. There are all types of animals.  There is so much to see and do that this is the one "Must Do' event Peace Country. Click on the poster for complete information on this exciting event.

A very sincere THANK  YOU to our committed sponsor, Full Spectrum Line Locating for their generosity in partnering up with the WCA in our efforts to preserve our western heritage and way of life. We are so very fortunate for these special sponsors, especially through these economic conditions. Please support these companies that support the communities in the Peace Region. They are vital to the well being of this area.

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At this show, the 2016 Tour Champion will be presented with the GMC Trophy Truck. The winner will be the driver that has placed top spot in the Season Standings. Points are calculated all the way up to and including Saturday night races. Truck will be presented on Sunday by sponsors Visa Rentals, Sales & Leasing AND Ken Sargent GMC

Also happening Sunday....

$6000 DCEA Final Heat Dash for Cash

12 drivers will be competing for 4 days to accumulate the fastest total time. The top 4 drivers in the aggregate will be given a chance to cross the finish line first in the final heat and take home the honey pot. Consolation heats with be $500 dash also. It's a win no matter where you place!

Day 4 Update

Qualifying for the final heat dash is Sean Debolt (Vertex), Ron Bolin (Northern Mat & Bridge), Eric Rever (Attack Oilfield) and Erik Tremblay (Torque Industrial)

Evening performance starts nightly at 5:00 with the Wagon action following around 5:30, Wed through Sun, Aug 10-14.

We need our fans. The more you cheer, the faster they run, so grab your quarters and come on down.

There is more!

Track announcer, Dennis Hall and a number of wagon drivers will be participating in the Exceptional Rodeo on Thursday. There's room in the grandstands, so come on down and watch the entertainment. Everyone welcome.

and more....

Listen for us in the parade on Friday morning

and more....

Come on down to the Pancake Breakfast at the Co-op on Saturday from 8-11 A.M. to listen to the music of Night Sounds (Dennis Hall, Angus McDonald, &  Phil Stefanyk) while you enjoy your pancake breakfast, then step into the Co-op Grocery Store at noon to cheer your favorite WCA driver team down the aisles collecting groceries in the Encana sponsored Race Against Hunger. The more you help, the more they fill. 


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 Race Video Patch

Day 5 DCEA Dash Sunday

Erik Tremblay 1 Presentation Copy

Another first for a WCA driver. Erik Tremblay won his first DCEA Dash for Cash. Contratulations Erik.

Erik Tremblay 3 Copy

He ran hard

Erik Tremblay 2 Presentaiton Copy

He's pretty proud!

Erik Tremblay4 Copy

There were some nerves happening. There was a false start that cost him a second penalty. But second time in was much better and he had a great start, a great race and finished with a time of 1:17.05. 

DEan Dreger 2 Presentation Copy

Darrin Charles, representing Visa Rentls Sales & Leasing, along with Jerry Shaver, representing Ken Sargent GMC hand over the keys for the 2016 GMC Trophy Truck to our Tour Champion Dean Dreger. Click on the photo to watch the presentation.  

Dean Dreger presentation Copy

While Dean has received a truck on an aggregate win before, the Season Champion Trophy Truck is a whole other level of great and it's a first for him. A lot of family support went into this truck too.

Dean Dreger Copy

The champion outfit!

heat 1 Copy

Heat 1

Roy romanow 2 Copy

Heat 1 a little closer

Blaid Flad Copy

Winning Heat 1 and the cash was Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions). Blaid's time was 1:18.44 and he was well ahead of all his competitors.

Lane Kimble Best Copy

Taking the purse in Heat 2 was Lane Kimble (the Medicine Shoppe). Lane even had the top time of the night. the clock stopped for him at 1:15.48. 

Derek AEbly 2 Copy

Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling) in Heat 1

Derek Aebly Copy

And a little closer... Derek and his helper

rick mcRorie Copy

Rick McRorie (Pro Torque) also ran a great race tonight and took a 2nd place time tonight of 1:16.85. He will soon be our next champion.

Day 4 Dawson Creek

Grandstands Copy

The grandstands were FULL on this 4th night of racing.

Dean is Happy Copy

We have a new champion! It's official. Our 2016 GMC Pro Tour Champion is, for the very first time, our President, Dean Dreger. Congratulations Dean. Presentation will be Sunday.

Heat 3 Copy

He went into the show on Aggregate Day only 8 points ahead of 2nd place in the Standings

 Dean Dreger Copy

  No room for a mistake. So, he strategized all day about how to do it all right. It worked. Dean ran a clean. solid race and finished with a 1:16.89. He finished with 335 points, just 5 points ahead of 2nd spot.

Eric Sean Copy

Despite hitting a barrel earlier in the show, Eric Rever (Attack Oilfield) ran hard and got some great times and guess what-- He made the Dash.  

Eric Rever Copy

Eric's aggregate time was a 5:07.57, putting him in 3rd spot for the show.


Veteran driver, Ron Bolin (Northern Mat & Bridge) took top time for the night with a 1.15.58.

Ron bolin 2 Copy

 This bumped him into 2nd place in the Aggregate and qualifying for Dash Sunday.

Eric Tremblay Copy

Also qualifying for the DCEA Dash is Erik Tremblay (Torque Industrial). This is a first for Erik Tremblay. throught the show he was in, then out, and back in. All that matter's is that he is in now. Erik's Aggregate time was 5:08.44, putting him in 4th (and the right) place for a chance to take the cash.

Sean DeBolt Copy

Our final Dash qualifier is, of course, our previous GMC Pro Tour Champion, Sean DeBolt (Vertex). Sean won the Aggregate with a final time of 5:07.13. Despite his 5th place run today (1:17.04), Sean's Day 3 run of 1:14.86 was phenomenal and enough to secure his position in the Dash.


Who's sneaking up on Kelly Somerville, trying to take the lead on the homestretch?

bLAID 1 Copy

It's Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions). Blaid did some amazing safe driving tonight and ran a great race, taking a time of 1:18.65.  He is a definite contender for a Safe Driver Award.

kELLY lEO Copy

And who's sneaking in on the other side of Kelly?

leo Mitchell Copy

It's Leo Mitchell (George Dawson Inn).

Kelly somerville Copy

But despite their efforts, Kelly (Silver Tech Contracting) kept one eye on each competitor, kept his lead and crossed the line first in his heat again, taking a time of 1:17.74. This has been a great show for Kelly and we expect to see him excel next season.

Rick McRorie Copy

Uncooperative horses tonight caused Rick McRorie (Pro Torque) some serious driving stress...

Rick is Happy Copy 

He may not have won the race but he definitely won the "Best Attitude" tonight.

Day 3 Dawson Creek

Jo Kimble, we appreciate your photos and Lane Kimble, thanks so much for your wagon in the parade today.

Judges at Parade Copy

We entered a Band on Float in the parade today. Judges Wayne Benn, Al Johnson, and Tom Sorken came along.

Dennis singing Copy

Track Announcer, Dennis Hall did a great job entertaining the spectators as usual.

Future WPCA Driver Copy

He briefly had company from an up and coming future WPCA driver from the Fraser clan.

We won a ribbon Copy

We even won a ribbon!

Look where we hung it Copy

We displayed proudly on the antenna during the parade.

 Sean Debolt a Copy

After 2 not so great race days for Sean, he was back on track and hot tonight. He had a dynamite start and there was no looking back.  

heat 3 b Copy

Sean's time of 1:14.86 was top for both the night and the show so far. Sean is currently sitting 2nd in the Season Standings, only 8 points behind the season leader.

Rick McRorie Copy

Also having a great race tonight was Rick McRorie (Pro Torque) Rick clocked a 1:15.69. taking 2nd spot for the night. 

heat 3 c Copy

 Rick is currently sitting 3rd in the Season Standings.

Eric Rever Copy

3rd spot for the night goes to Eric Rever (Attack Oilfield) with a time of 1:16.26. Eric is now sitting 2nd in the Show Aggregate and 4th in the Season Standings

Top of the Barrels heat 3 Copy

It was a slow start for Dean Dreger (Ruskin Construction) tonight. Dean's time of 1:17.78 bumped him down to 5th spot in the Aggregate but he is still maintaining his Season Standing leader position by 8 points. One more decent race and he could be takiing home that truck.

Ron Bolin Copy

Sitting 4th in the aggregate now is Ron Bolin (Northern Mat & Bridge). Ron's time tonight was 1:18.24 and his aggregate time is 3:51.56

Heat 2b Copy

Ron's putting a little pressure on Erik Tremblay (Torque Industrial) who is currently sitting 3rd in the Aggregate with a time of 3.51.26, only slightly ahead of Ron Bolin.

Derek Erik Copy

Tonight Erik crossed the line and took a time of 1:18.44, slightly behind Ron Bolin time of 1:18.24

heat 1 Copy

Heat 1

Blaid flad Copy

For this 2016 season, Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions) is the only driver that has not been assessed a penalty. He consistently drives clean and safe.

Blaid Flad b Copy

Great job Blaid!

Roy and Corey Copy

A little bad luck for Roy Romanow (Canadian Pressure Products) tonight with a knocked barrel puts him out of the big money and now it's just all about the fun and the  thrill of the race. Someone better tell helper, Corey Black.

Day 2 Dawson Creek

And again, thank you to Jo Kimble for all the photographs!

Another good day of racing with a few surprises.

Todd Kelly Copy

Joining Kelly Somerville for the show is Todd McCracken. Todd took a season off but confessed he is missing the racing very much and was lucky enough to find the time to enjoy our last show of the season. Welcome back Todd! We miss you too.

and more...

Erik Tremblay 2 Copy

Erik Tremblay (Torque Industrial) is sitting in the top spot in the aggregate on Day 2!

Erik Tremblay A Copy

A little torque to those horses of Erik's and it was a bit of a rodeo start. Those don't always go well, but he did it.

heat 2 Copy

It was a well run race. He may not have won it but, he finished with a time of 1:16.39 and that was what it took to beat out Lane Kimble (The Medicine Shoppe), who is sitting 2nd in the aggregate. Erik's combined time of 2.32.82 is barely, barely ahead of Lane's 2.32.91. 

Erik Happy Copy

And is he happy. But, going forward, there is no margin for error. He will have to be on his game and he can do it.

 lane Kimble b Copy

Lane Kimble may not have won his heat but... 

Lane Kimble 2 Copy

... he ran a 1:16.80. It's that consistency and once again,that great attiude that makes a winner. 

 heat 2 Copy

Rounding out the top 3 in the Aggregate on Day 2 was Ron Bolin (Northern Mat & Bridge). Ron clocked a smoking time of 1:15.81 on Day 2, taking 1st place for the night as well.  Ron's aggregate time is a 2:33.32.

Ron Bolin b Copy

As a driver with extensive history of wins, we can expect more of the same from him at this show. Erik, watch out for Ron!

 Derek Aebly a Copy

A rough start to the race for our 2016 Grande Prairie Stompede Champion, Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling)

Derek Aebly Copy

left him eating dust as he heading to the track in Heat 2

heat 3 Copy

Heat 3 drivers trailed in tight, hit the track hard and tight....

Heat 3 b Copy

and pressured each other all the way around the track..

heat 3 End Copy

right to the end.

 Rick mcRorie B Copy

Despite crossing the finish line 1st in the heat and taking a time of 1:16.75, Rick McRorie (ProTorque) also had a little too much torque in his horses. He knocked a barrel. A 5 second penalty is a big hit to take. Chances are slim for him to make the dash.

Rick McRorie Copy

So now, he's just in it for the fun.

Dean Dreger Copy

 Dean Dreger (Ruskin Constructin), still 1st spot in the Standings.

Dean Dreger 1 Copy

Run clean Dean and you could be taking home the GMC Trophy Truck

Dean Dreger 2 Copy

Maybe even with a pocket full of Dash Money. Dean is currently sitting 4 in the Aggregate as well.

 Leo Kelly Copy

Kelly Somerville (Silver Tech Contracting)  & Leo Mitchell (George Dawson Inn) sie by side to the track.

Blaid Roy Copy

Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions) turned on the jets in the backstretch tonight, ran hard and passed both Roy Romanow (Canadian Pressure Products) and Leo Mitchell (George Dawson Inn) but ran out of race track before he could catch up to Kelly Somerville. Blaid finished 2nd in his heat with a time of 1.19.89 

Leo Mitchell Copy 2

Leo Mitchell (The George Dawson Inn).

Day 1 Dawson Creek

Thank you to Jo Kimble for all the photographs.

Day 1 at Dawson kicked off without a glitch. 

S1060010 Copy

We had some of our best holders on hand. Jack Bolin is always there willing to hold and help many of the WCA drivers.

Eric Rever 2 Copy

Eric Rever (Attack Oilfield) attacked the track on our first night of racing at Dawson Creek, taking the top time of 1.15.66.

Eric Rever 3 Copy

Eric Rever with helper (P Aggregate Chariot Champion) Cory Doerkson

Heat2 to the TrackCopy

Half a second behind Eric, and in 2nd place was Lane Kimble (The Medicine Shoppe). It's some kind of good medicine! The clock stopped at 1.16.11 for Lane.

lane Kimble Copy

Another well run race for Lane. It must be that positive attitude. Always a happy guy.

Sean Debolt Copy

Sitting in 3rd spot for the night BUT 1st in the Standings by 13 points is Dean Dreger (Ruskin Construction). Dean's been putting the pressure on reigning champion, Sean DeBolt all season, finally taking over top spot at our Grimshaw show.

Dean Dreger 1 Copy

  Dean's 3rd place time for the night was a 1:16.37.

Heat 1c Copy

Heat 1 was tight to the track.

Blaid in 2nd Copy

First to cross the line in that heat was Kelly Somerville (Silver Tech Contracting) with a 1:19.10. But putting on the pressure was Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions), who took a time of 1:19.98

Heat 1b Roy Copy

Following Blaid was Roy Romanow (Canadian Pressure Products), who was almost tied for 2nd place in that heat. Roy stopped the clock at 1.19.99. it was just a horse hair's difference.


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