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      Grimshaw's North Peace Stampede, Friday-Sunday, August 5-7, 2016





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Ever wonder what goes into training a chuckwagon team? So did Tim Gedcke from Eastlink TV! So he set out to to see what he could learn. This is what he found out...


It's time for the Battle in the North!

Really in the north! Where?  The Manning Rodeo

 5 heats of wagons. 14 wagon drivers. 3 heats of chariots. 9 chariot drivers. All fighting to claim the title of 2016 Manning Rodeo Aggregate Champion. Winners will be determined Saturday night after each driver has had a turn around each barrel. The wagon driver with the best aggregate time wins the bragging rights and the buckle. 

For Chariot Drivers, there is a cash prize for the top 4 in the Aggregate!  Aggregate Champion will also receive an engraved Trophy Tile.

DSC00653 Copy

Here it is.

Herb Simpson

A very big thank you to the Simpson family (Herb Myrna, Aldin and Tracy) for their generosity. Once again, we are so very fortunate to have supporters like this! We appreciate you.   

The rodeo kicks off Thursday, July 21 with a WCA/Manning Rodeo hosted Meet & Greet BBQ at the Freson IGA parking lot from 11-2. The WCA has a stong membership base from the Manning area, so come on down, say hi and enjoy lunch on us. Track announcer, Dennis Hall, along with Manning businessman, Rob Bruin will be on hand again providing a little musical entertainment.  Take some time to visit with the drivers, pick your favorite and cheer him on at the races that night.

Wagons race nightly at 6:30 Thurs, July 21 through Sat, July 23. No wagon races on Sunday.

Click on the logo below to learn more on this event and find them on Facebook for current information.

2-br manning rodeo logo 

Manning Rodeo Poster


There will be no action photos available for this show.

Day 3 at Manning Rodeo

Race video posted now

2016 Manniing Grandstands Copy 2

It was a good night for racing in Manning and the stands were packed.

Rick McRorie 2016 Manning Aggregate Champion Copy

2016 Manning Aggregate Wagon Champion is Rick McRorie (Pro Torque). Accepting on behalf of Rick is son, Calvert and wagon driver, Lane Kimble 

DSC00712 Copy

And take a look at this fancy buckle Rick gets to take home!

Corey Black 2016 Manning Chariot Champion Copy

Manning's new Chariot Champion, Corey Black is presented with the Trophy Tile by Tracy Johnson representing dad, Herb Simpson and family.   

Lot of Hugs Copy

He was pretty happy and pretty appreciative to Tracy over his win! Corey is an enthusiastic, active member of the WCA and we are looking forward to seeing his achievements in the future.

Dennis Hall prepares for the parade in Manning Copy

Dennis Hall, perched on top of Lane Kimble's wagon, prepares to entertain the crowd again in the parade at Manning. Pulling the wagon with the GMC Tour Champioin Trophy Truck was Wayne Benn with son, Travis Benn.  The street were lined with people and all enjoyed the entertainment. And the Medicine Shoppe, well everyone in Manning and surrounding areas knows all about it now. Thanks to everyone for their participation in this event.

Day 2 at Manning Rodeo

Results and race video posted now.

Day 1 at Manning Rodeo

Even though it rained the previous evening, the grounds were great. No dust on the track made for great conditions for fans to sit and enjoy the races

Manning Rodeo 2016 Infield Crew Copy 

There was royalty on scene! Out in the infield assisting our Infield Director, Kaitlyn Braun (left), was Miss High Prairie 2015, Jessica Lavoie (center) and Miss Grande Prairie 2016, Miranda Erickson (right). Thanks ladies. You did a great job. 

BBQ at Freson IGA Copy

Dennis Hall and Robby Bruin entertained all at a very well attended BBQ luncheon. Thanks to Dean Dreger for providing his Daubert Contracting wagon, and thanks to Eric Rever for displaying his Whillans Contracting wagons as well.

BBQ at Freson IGA 2 Copy

Most had a great time and enjoyed the free burgers, dogs and drinks! 


Just Finished....the Teepee Creek Stampede

It's about to get wild.  In fact, real wild. 4 Days of Wild! 2016 marks 100 years of rodeoing at Teepee Creek and there is a party planned! Top recording artists, kids events, Pro Rodeo contestants and more. It's Northern Alberta's version of the Calgary Stampede and you don't want to miss this. If you have family or friends visiting, bring them out and be a part. 

Everything kicks off Thursday, July 14. Check out a schedule by clicking on the logo.

Visa Logo New       Teepee Creek Logo Black       GP Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation Logo new 

You want to watch wagons? Here there are wagons! Lots of wagons! Wagons of all sizes with drivers of all sizes. 

There is a GMC Trophy Truck up for grabs!

TP Trophy Truck 2016 Copy

Driver have been training for this event all season. There is pressure. A lot of pressure. 17 Wagon Drivers will need to be at their best for this show. The prizes are immense. One driver, the one who it at the absolute top of his game at this show, the one who does it all right, will be presented with the keys to a brand new GMC Trophy Truck from Visa Rentals Sales & Leasing & the Teepee Creek Stampede.

That is not all. There is more.

$10,000 Dash Sunday 

Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation brings you Dash Sunday and the WCA's portion, a whopping $7,500. Every heat is dash BUT every driver wants to place in that final heat for the big money. Final heat drivers are racing for $5000. How do they get there? They run hard and fast and make no mistakes.  After 3 days of racing, the top 3 drivers, the 3 with the fastest accumulated times get their chance. For the rest of the drivers, the closer are to the final heat, the bigger the prize. 

 Very big thank you to Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation for all their efforts throughout the year fundraising to keep this excing part of our western heritage alive and accessable to local venues for your entertainment. It's a difficult job with a tremendous amount of work involved but they are a dedicated group and we appreciate all they do. Click on the logo above to learn more about them. 

We are so very fortunate to have supporters of the calibre!

This is going to be one absolutely incredible show.   

 Grab your quarters and come on down. It's time to Exprience the Thunder of the WCA!

Wagon action starts at 6:30 every night with the

big thoroughbreds to hit the track around 8:00 PM


Thank you Dale Sales (DR Sales Woodworking) for all the photos!  Check out his website. Link on logo on the right.

Day 4 Teepee Creek

Sean Debolt wins the dash! 

Sean DeBolt 1 Copy

Despite his disappointment at drawing Barrel 3, Sean's race was perfect! A flawless barrel turn...

SEan Debolt 2 Copy

... and hard running all the way had him cross the finish line in first place with a 56.59 and that's what it took to take the purse.

Sean Debolt Dash Champion TP 2016 3 Copy

Presenting Sean with his Dash Buckle is TP Creek Stampede President, Dustin Hollingworth. Take a closer look at that buckle below.

Sean DeBolt Dash for Cash Buckle 4 Copy 

Following the Aggregate Champion presentation, Grande Prarie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation members grouped together to present Sean with his $5000 Dash Cheque. Unfortunately we were unable to obtain a photo of the cheque presentation

Lane Kimble Copy

Aggregate Champion, Lane Kimble (The Medicine Shoppe) ...

lane Kimble Truck Copy

was presented with the stunning, one of kind, TP Creek 100 Year Celebration GMC Trophy Truck. Presenting the Trophy Truck to Lane was Visa Rentals Sales & Leasing representative, Darrin Charles and staff along with TP Creek President, Dustin Hollingworth.    

lane kimble Aggregate Champion Buckle Copy

Here is the Trophy buckle that went along with that truck.

Lane Kimble Aggregate Copy

Lane is presented with his very special Centennial Trophy Buckle

Lane karla Kimble Copy

Lane was a busy man at this show. He ran 2 hooks, the 2nd one being, RLK Chartered Accountants. One hook is lots of work but fun. 2 hooks borders on just work!

Rick mcRorie A Copy

Off to a tough start with some bad luck on Dash Day was Rick McRorie (Shadow Rathole Drilling). Some uncooperative horses gave him a poor start getting out of the infield.

Rick mcRorie B Copy

With 2 missed barrels, crossing the line before anyone else doesn't really matter.

Bladi Flad Copy

To date, Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions) is the only driver to ....

Bladi Flad B Copy

be totally penalty free this season. Blaid always demonstrates clean, safe driving.

Roy Romanow A Copy

Taking second in his heat with a great time of 56.88, was Roy Romanow.

Roy Romanow Copy

Your man did well RNC Trucking!

Ron Bolin A Copy

Beating out Roy was Ron Bolin with his Big Foot Contracting.

Ron Bolin B Copy

Ron took a time of 55.38 and took first place for the night. Ron's time also happens to be the fastest time of the entire show.

Heat 5 Copy

Placing 2nd for the night was Dean Dreger (Ruskin Construction)  It was a tight dash to the track by all.

Dean Dreger 2 Copy

Coincidentally, Dean's time is also the second fastest time of the entire show and Dean is also 2nd in the Season Standings.

Leo Lakeside Copy

Leo Mitchell (Lakeside Oilfield Hauling) also had a great start with some very cooperative horses and...

Heat 4 Leo Erik Derek Copy

...outran him competitors, taking a time of 59.23.

Don Federuik Copy

Having a much better Day 4, with much more cooperative horses, was Don Federuik (Team Boyne Realtors)

Don lane Copy

Keeping his eye on the competition, Lane Kimble was the motivation Don needed to turn the jets on, take the lead and cross the line first in his heat with a time of 58.52

Kelly Somerville Copy 

Kelly Somerviile ( Silver Tech Contracting) outruns Erk Tremblay (Chariot Oilfield Services) on Day 4 with a time of 59.08

 Cory Doerkson Chariot Champion TP 2016 Copy

2016 TP Creek Stampede Aggregate Chariot Champion title goes to Corey Doerkson (Deken Oilfield Transport) and with that title comes a Trophy Buckle that Dustin Hollingworth is happy to present to Cory. This is Cory's first wil! Well done Cory.

Chariots Aggregate Buckle Copy

Check out Cory's fancy new Trophy Buckle

 Cory Doerkson Agg champ chariot Copy

And this is how he did it!

  Corey Black 1 Copy

But, itchin' for his very own buckle is another Corey. On Day 4, rookie, Corey Black (J Corp-Jess & Jessie Shannon) puts the pressure on Season Standing's leader, Tyler Robinson (Rebel Rentals) and Aggregate Champion, Cory Doerkson right from the horn all the way around the track.

Corey Black 2 Copy

 and outran them all, taking a top time of 53.84 both for Day 4 and for the entire show.

 Chariots Copy

In heat 1 of the chariots, Keygan Havener (RT Grading narrowly beats out Brad Demming (Angel Simpson Equine Therapy) It was a close race. Keygan took a time of 55.85 followed by Brad with a 56.14.

Day 3 Teepee Creek

Tonight will determine who gets a chance at the truck and the $5000. Times are so close that one mistake and you are out. If you haven't made it down yet, tonight is the night. 

But it's all over for the truck competition. Our newest Aggregate Champion, the winner of the TP Creek Centennial Celebration Trophy Truck is Lane Kimble with his Medicine Shoppe hook. Congratulations Lane and sponsor, Curtis Crough! You did it. Clearly this partnership works!  Presentation to be made Sunday.

Lane Kimble to the Barrel Copy

You don't alway have to win the race but a strong start and...

lane Kimble Copy

...consistent fast clean runs will do it. Lane is the first to qualify for the final heat $5000 Dash for Cash

 Heat 6 Copy

Out of Heat 6 comes the other two Dash Sunday competitors.

Rick McRorie Copy

Rick McRorie (Shadow Rathole Drilling). Rick was sitting 4th going into Day 3 but you never know what will happen. Rick had a great run and finished with a time of 56.94. One mistake can change it all and at the end of the day. Rick moved up to take 3rd in the Aggregate and a chance at the $5000 

Sean Debolt Copy

And of course, we have our long time champion, Sean DeBolt (Vertex)  to round out the top 3 for the Dash.

 Eric Rever Ron Bolin Copy

It was a disappointing day for Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport). Going into Day 3, Eric was 3rd in the aggregate. Unfortunately, a moving start cost him a few precious seconds in penalties, knocking him down to 4th spot over all and out of the final heat dash.

DSC 0343 Copy

But it wasn't a bad day for everyone in the Rever camp. There is a new champion in the camp. Cory Doerkson (Deken Oilfield Transport), Eric's barn hand, is our 2016 TP Creek Centennial Year Chariot Champion.  Once again, you don'thave to win every race. It's how the total times add up overall. Congratulations Cory on your first Chariot Aggregate Champion Trophy Buckle.

 DSC 0386 Copy

Also having a rough go of it was Don Federuik. A disagreement with a cupple of stubborn horses cost him dearly. Not so for his tarp sponsor, Team Boyne Realtors, who still got great exposure to a packed grandstand.

Ron Bolin 1st Hook Copy

Also struggling with uncooperative horses tonight was Ron Bolin with his Northern Mat & Bridge hook. things got sorted out after a second try at the barrels and the race was underway. Despite a penalty to contend with, Ron finished in the middle of the pack for the night.

Ron Bolin Big foot Copy

Things went much better for Ron with his Big Foot Contracting hook.

DSC 0376 Copy

He finished 4th spot overall for the night with a time of 57.00

DSC 0503 Copy

Day 2 Teepee Creek

Thank you to Dale Sales for providing all the photos.  We appreciate you!

lane Kimble 3 Copy

Lane Kimble, with his Medicine Shoppe hook, tears down the track...

Lane Kimble out of the dust to take top spot on Day 2 Copy

...leaving his competitors in the dust. Lane took top time of the night with a 56.11

lane Kimble after the Race Copy

Post parade showing off that great looking wagon and Medicine Shoppe tarp to an extrememly full grandstand!

 Rick McRorie checks out the competition Copy

Rick McRorie (Shadow Rathole Drilling) take a look over his shoulder, sees Sean Debolt sneaking up on him...

Rick McRorie 2nd place Day 2 Copy

turns the jets on...

Rick McRorie Take 2nd place Copy

...and crosses the line first in his heat, taking 2nd spot for the night with a time of 56.97. He may be taking home a new truck from this show! He is a force to be reckoned with!

 Ron Bolin Copy

Rounding out the top 3 for the night was, once again, Ron Bolin, but this time, with his Big Foot Contracting hook. No knocked barrel for Ron tonight. Ron took a time of 57.01, fractions behind Rick McRorie's 2nd spot time of 56.97. Watch out Rick. If it's a Bolin hook, it's some serious competition!

 Don Federuik 2 Copy

Watch out young man! That Team Boyne Realtors rig that Don Federuik's driving might just catch you.

Heat 2 Copy

That team can run. Check it out. Don Federuik (Team Boyne Realtors) challenges Ron Bolin (Northern Mat & Bridge) around the 4th corner ....

Heat 2 b Copy 

and down the homestretch all the way to the finish line.

Erik Tremblay 2 Copy

Another young driver sporting 2 hooks at this show, Erik Tremblay in GP Brewing outfit. it's a lot of work. He may need a beer when it's all done.  

Erik Tremblay Chariot Copy

Here comes Erik Tremblay again, this time showcasing Chariot Oilfield to the crowd. Erik took 6th place tonight with an excellent time of 58.29 

 Heat 3 Leo winsCopy

In Heat 3, Leo Mitchell (lakeside Oilfield Services) take the win with a 59.31, narrowly beating out Roy Romanow (RNC Trucking). Last night, Roy beat Leo. What will happen on Day 3?

Kelly Somerville Copy

Don't discount Kelly Somerville (Silver Tech Contracting) though. Kelly is a good driver with a great team in Roy and Leo's heat. He has been known to make a strong finish. We will see.

Blaid flad Copy

Always a safe, clean driver, Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions). Blaid has some real horse sense that shows on the track in his decision making.

Derek AEbly Copy

Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling) tastes a little dust on his way around the track.

Day 1 Teepee Creek

Thank you to Dale Sales for providing all the photos.  We appreciate you!

DSC 0003 Copy

The TP Creek Stampede kicks off with a bang. The stands were full. There was a sea of people and holiday trailers everyone.

DSC 0018 Copy

The grounds looked great. This Centennial Year saw the addition of a Teepee and a redesigned Enframe building. The work done to prepare for this event is obvious and very well done. The weather was great. A downpour of rain last night left some mud to dry but by the time the wagons hit the track we even needed to water down the dust.

 Ron Bolin Copy

Veteran, Ron Bolin takes top time with his Northern Mat & Bridge hook on Day 1. Ron was about 1/2 a second ahead of his nearest competition.

 Eric Rever Copy

Putting the pressure on Ron Bolin was Eric Rever (Deken Oilfield Transport)

Eric Rever Leads the Pack to the Finish Line Copy

Eric took 2nd place with a time of 56.93, coincidentally beating Ron Bolin's Big Foot Contracting 1st hook.  Unfortunately, Ron knocked a barrel and that set him back. 

Lane Kimble Day 1

Rounding out the top 3 for the night was 2 time Champion, Lane Kimble with his Medicine Shoppe hook. Lane scored a time of 57.20, barely ahead of 4th place driver.

 Heat 3 finish Copy

Richard Viguie, you should be proud of your boy now. In Heat 3. Roy Romanow (RNC Trucking) kicked in the jets to take the finish line first in his heat. Roy finished with a 7th place time of 58.95 

Dean Copy

Dean Dreger ( Rusking Construction) is currently sitting 2nd in the Season Standings. Horses are working fine and so is Dean. Dean finished the night with a 57.40. 

 Derek Aebly Copy

Here's Horizon Hauling's star of the Grande Prairie Stompede, Derek Aebly.

Lane Hook 2 Copy

After a rough start with a missed barrel, Lane Kimble takes the rail in his RLK Chartered Accountant hook. It's tough training horses! 

heat 6 finish Copy

Is there anyone actually in that wagon? 

heat 6 Finish 2 Copy

Of course. It's current reining champion Sean DeBolt (Vertex). Clearly he was kicking it up a notch. Sean came up from behind Dean Dreger, passed him and crossed the line first. It was a photo finish. Sean's final time 57.34 with Dean Dreger (Ruskin Construction) taking a 57.40. Whew!


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