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      Grande Prairie Stompede, Wed-Sun, May 25-29, 2016 






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It`s time to dig out your quarters and come on down to the rodeo grounds at  Evergreen Park for the

2016 Grande Prairie Stompede

GP Stompede 2      GP Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation Logo-new

For a complete listing of events throughout the Stompede, check out their website from the link above.


This season starter event is a traditional Stompede with all the extras and it is big. This year, once again, due to the extraordinary year round efforts of the Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation, drivers of the WCA will be racing for their portion of Dash Sunday, a whopping $24,000. This amazing purse wil help drivers carry on down the road, bringing more chuckwagon excitement to the residents in the Peace. With a mandate to preserve an important part of our western history, this dedicated group does an outstanding job. They are responsible for many of the Dash Sunday events on the WCA circuit. Learn more about who they are through their link above.


 So here we have it. 5 Days. 3 Heats. 12 Drivers all pushing themselves to their limits for their chance to qualify for the final heat and the big prize on Dash Sunday

Drivers lucky enough to secure a spot in the final Heat #3 will be racing for the Wapiti Gravel Suppliers $15,000 cash prize.

Day 5 of Racing -Dash Sunday

Qualifying for the final heat are Sean Debolt & Vertex, Derek Aebly & Horizon Hauling, Dean Dreger & Ruskin Construction and Rick McRorie & Shadow Rathole Drilling.

Race video posted now

 Our 2016 GPCHF Dash Sunday Champion is

Derek Aebly & Horizon Hauling. Congratulations Derek!

Photos coming soon. Some techinical issues preventing posting of photos at this time.

It was an incredible race. You need to watch the video. Derek came up on Dean Dreger at the very end of the race and pulled ahead just before the finish line, finishing 4 100th's of a second faster. Derek finished with a time of 1.23.36 with Dean following with a 1.23.40. 3rd spot went to Sean Debolt (Vertex) with a 1:24.17, also just slightly ahead of Rick McRorie in his Shadow Rathole Drilling rig with a time of 1.24.25.

Heat #3- $15,000


And there is plenty for everyone!

 Heat #2 -All Star Masonry - $5000 Cash Prize

All Star Masonry 

Heat #1 - Bermar Rewind - $4000 Cash Prize

bermar rewind

A very sincere thank you to all these businesses for all their support.  

Day 4 of Racing (Saturday)
Race video posted now
Aggregate Champion for the 3rd time, is Sean DeBolt (Vertex).
Congratulations Sean.
 Photos coming
Day 3 of Racing (Friday)
Race video posted now
The John Neilson Memorial Dash For Cash  

John Neilson

  We shall not forget John Neilson, who was an avid chuckwagon fan and a regular around the GP Stompede. This year, once again, John Neilson will have a race run in his memory and a heat dedicated to him. This heat will be a random draw heat on Friday night! 4 lucky drivers will be racing in the John Robert Neilson Memorial Dash Heat for a $3000 cash prize. These drivers will learn last minute who they are. The WCA extends a sincere thank you to the family of John Neilson for their contribution on his behalf.  

The random draw was made and Heat 1 was the heat to be in!

Day 3 John Neilson Memorial winner Copy

Photo by Dale Sales (DR Sales Woodworking)

$3000 is quite a bit of motivation and Erik Tremblay (Torque Industrial) was motivated enough to push his team all the way to the finish line first, just ahead of competitor, Leo Mitchell (RNC Trucking). Eric not only won the prize, but finished in 2nd spot for the night with his time.

Day 3 John Neilson Memorial Presentation to Erk Tremblay Copy

Presenting the John Neilson Memorial to a very happy Erik is Sharon Neilson, Jutin Tidd (GP Chuckwagon Heritage Foundation), Terri Sudnik, GP Stompede President, and WCA announcer, Dennis Hall.

Day 3 Leo Mitchell Copy

Also competing for the $3000 John Neilson prize was Leo Mitchell (RNC Trucking)... 

Day 3 Roy Romanow Copy

 Roy Romanow (Farm Boys Oilfield)

Day 3 blaid flad Copy

and Blaid Flad (Compass Access Solutions). Blaid took 2nd place in his heat tonight.

Day 3 Derek Rick Copy

In Heat 2, Rick McRorie (Shadow Rathole Drillling) and Derek Aebly (Horizon Hauling), with very evenly matched horsepower, cross the finish line at almost the same time. Derek was only 12/100 ahead of Rick. 

 Day 3 Derek Aebly Copy

It must have been his barrel turn. What a race to watch.

Day 3 Kirk Sutherland Copy

Tonight, Kirk Sutherland stepped into Ron Bolin's rig (All Peace Realty/Artesian Insurance), and with a heck of a barrel turn, 

Day 3 Heat 3 Copy

drove that team all the way to the top spot of the night, a full second ahead of 2nd place driver, Erik Tremblay.

And the reason Ron Bolin was not here to race...

Raylee and Rilee

His daughter, young Raylee graduated today. Here is Raylee is family friend, Rilee Letendre. Contratulations Raylee.

 Day 2 of Racing (Thursday)

Race Video posted now.

Another great night day at the GP Stompede. After flipping burgers at the Visa Rentals, Sales & Leasing sponsored fundraiser earlier today, drivers were well fed and eager to race.  The horses were ready to run and the weather was perfect for them.

Day 2 Heat 3 Copy

Top time of the night, and the show, so far, was reigning champion, Sean DeBolt (Vertex). Sean crossed the finish line clean with a fabulous time of 1.16.62. Check out the video!

Day 2 Heat 2 GP Copy

2nd place goes to Rick McRorie in his Shadow Rathole Drilling rig. rick also finished with a fantastic time of 1.16.73, only fractions of a second behind Sean's top time

Day 2 Rick McRorie Copy

He's a happy guy!   

 Day 2 Dean Dreger

Workin' hard and playing hard is Dean Dreger, (Ruskin Construction)

Day 2 Heat 1GP Stompede Copy

A little bit of rough start for Erik Tremblay (Torque Industrial) with a False Start but on his 2nd go, he did well and crossed the finish line first.

Day 1 of Racing (Wednesday)

Race Video posted now.

It was a smooth start to the season for all on the first night at GP Stompede and the weather was great!

derek aebly copy

Photo by Dale Sales (DR Sales Woodworking)

Topping the charts on our first night was Horizon Hauling with driver Derek Aebly. 

Derek Aebly 2 Copy

Photo by Dale Sales (DR Sales Woodworking) 

Wow, did he run. He wasn't first out of the infield but did he take off on the back stretch. Check out the video!

Dean Dreger Copy 

Photo by Dale Sales (DR Sales Woodworking)

Right behind Horizon Hauling was Ruskin Construction with Dean Dreger. You can sure tell there's some serious spring training going on! Dean was first to the track and he never looked back.

heat 3 Copy

Photo by Dale Sales (DR Sales Woodworking)

It was a tight race and they all gave him a run for his money but on the last bit of the track, he managed to nudge out a little more get up and go from his horses and crossed the line a couple seconds ahead of his competitors.   

Eric Tremblay Copy 

3rd Place goes to Torque Industrial with their driver, Erik Tremblay

Photo by Dale Sales (DR Sales Woodworking)

Erik Tremblay 2 Copy 

GP Stompede is traditionally a great show for Erik and this year it seems he off to a winning start again.

GP Brewing Copy

Photo by Dale Sales (DR Sales Woodworking)

And by the way, welcome aboard GP Brewing Co. Soon you can cheer about their beer!

RNC Trucking Copy

And welcome to new sponsor, RNC Trucking

Silver Tech Copy

and Silver Tech  Contracting.

Thanks for hooking up with the WCA 

heat 2 Copy

Rick McRorie (Shadow Rathole Drilling), first out of infield in Heat 2, challenges Aebly on the track. Keep an eye on this guy. He's a winner.

 Roy Romanow Copy

The Didsbury Demon, Roy Romanow hits the track again with his Farm Boys Oilfield rig.

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