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      Grande Prairie Stompede, Wednesday-Sunday, May 31-June 4, 2017





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Ever wonder what goes into training a chuckwagon team? Check out the Western Chuckwagon Facebook page for some of this year's spring training videos posted from our drivers. Link below

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Tarp Auction Results..

Another well attended event for the WCA. The JP Outbpost Bar & Grill did a fabulous job feeding an oustanding buffet to a packed room. And more great news---it appears things are turning around for many Peace Region businesses.  The total sales were $337,350.00, UP a whopping $137,550.00 from last year's total of $199,800.00. 

Top selling driver was Derek Aebly. For the second year in a row, Horizon Hauling takes Derek for the entire season.  Our first female driver,  rookie, Rilee Letendre was lucky enough to garner some excellent backing from JDA Oilfield Hauling at most shows and Maximum Tank Trucks for Teepee Creek.  

Thank you to all who attended and particpated in this year's Tarp Auction. We appreciate your support and wish you all many successful, prosperous years ahead.

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We look forward to seeing you all in the stands cheering your favourite driver on throughout the 2017 racing season.


Recent past events...

The 2016 WCA Awards Night & Banquet

Another successful event, the WCA Awards Night on Dec 17 was well attended. Everyone had a great time and the following awards were presented:

2016 WCA GMC Pro Tour Champion was Dean Dreger and he was presented with the Troy Fischer Silverworks 2016 Series Trophy Buckle  by Ken Sargent GMC representative, Jerry Shaver.

2016 GMC Pro Tour 2nd Hook Champion was Ron Bolin. Presenting the Trophy Buckle to Ron, representing the Grande Prairie Stompede's John Nielsen Memorial Dash for Cash was Sharon Nielsen.

2016 GMC Pro Tour Chariot Champion was Tyler Robinson and presenting a trophy buckle to Tyler on behalf of Keddies Tack and Western Wear was Chyanne Freemantle

The WCA 2016 Danny Dreger Memorial was presented to Eric Rever, the Aggregate Champion at the Rycroft Chuckwagon Races for the 2nd year in a row. Presenting this very special Trophy buckle was the Dreger Family.

WCA's Most Improved Driver for 2016 was Dean Dreger. Dean showed the most signifcant increase in the Standingd in 2016. Presenting the award to Dean was Justin Nelson from Northern Mat & Bridge.

WCA's 2016 Sportsmanship Award goes to the driver that members felt went over and above in giving a little extra to help other drivers and the club as well as displaying a positive, supportive attitude during the season. Members selected  Kelly Somerville as that driver. Kelly was presented with his 2016 Series Troy Fischer Trophy Buckle by Ross Mather from the Grande Prairie Chuckwagon Heritage Foundtion representing Pomeroy Lodging.

WCA's GMC Pro Tour 2016 Safety Award, also selected by the membership to recognize and appreciate a driver that best demonstrated safety on the track goes to Blaid Flad. This trophy buckle was presented to Blaid by Dale Sales from DR Sales Woodworking in Grande Prairie.

2016 WCA Masters Award is presented to any one person the membership feels makes outstanding efforts year round to improve both the club and the sport. This year, a tie! The membership selected both Dean Dreger and Angie Hall to receive this award. Presenting the award was corporate sponsor, Tom Dean from Full Spectrum Line Locating.

The President's Choice Award is presented to a person that contributes signicantly to the longevity of the WCA. There are many factors the President considers when chosing the recipient of the award and there are always many nominations and deserving supporters named each year. Our 2016 Champion Fan is Linda Side from Visa Rentals, Sales and Leasing in Grande Prairie. Presenting the award was WCA Vice President and 2016 TP Creek Show Champion, Lane Kimble.

Each  year one committee is selected by the membership to be recognized for having done an outstanding job in working with the WCA to put on a great show.  This is often a difficult choice as the WCA works with the finest committees  at all our venues. Improvements to the facilities focusing on safety for both drivers and horses is a key factor in the selection process. This year was particularly difficult as two shows stood out equally as exeptional for a variety of reasons. This 2016 year's winner for WCA Committee of the Year was Manning Rodeo. Accepting the award from WCA Director, Kelly Somerville was 2016 Manning Rodeo Queen, Adrianna Somerville.   

Another special award, also chosen by the drivers, is the Members Appreciation Award. This award is open to any person that any member feels contributes to the club in a way that makes the season better and easier. The selection process for this award is also tough as the club has many outstanding fans that deserve recognition. This year the club members voted for Director Derek Aebly to receive this very special Thank You. For many years Derek has taken the responsibility of Parking Director. It's a difficult job that required a significant committment of extra time. His dedication has without a doubt made the Tour much smoother for all. Presenting this award to Derek was Vice President, Lane Kimble.


 Dean is Happy Copy

We have a new champion! It's official. Our 2016 GMC Pro Tour Champion is, for the very first time, our President, Dean Dreger. Congratulations Dean.

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